48-year-olds Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may not be as spry as they were in their twenties, but don’t think that means they’ve stopped fucking. Far from it. Mark filled in for Ryan Seacrest on Live! With Kelly And Ryan and boy did they have a Father’s Day story for us that I’m sure Kelly was oozing with happiness to tell. One that involves their newly-18-year-old daughter Lola getting as a gift a full view of her parents having sex. Can’t put a price tag on trauma like that.

People reports that Kelly and Mark are a hotter couple than you. Kids and marriage have not ruined their sex life the way it seems to do other heterosexual couples. Since it was Father’s Day this weekend, Mark decided to get a little celebratory good-good from Kelly–even though they were hosting guests at their house. Unfortunately for them, their quickie was interrupted when their daughter Lola walked into the room, allegedly without knocking first. It was her birthday and she was coming to say, “Good morning”. Instead it was a horrible morning. She closed the door and shouted to her parents:

“You just ruined my birthday, and my life, and I used to see in color and now everything is gray!”

Lola also dragged her parents by their scalps when she told them to cool their libidos while sitting down to breakfast with their relatives:

“You’re disgusting… you guys have no chill… you think you’re twenty but you’re not.”

Apparently all three kids later shared stories about the times they too had walked in on Mama Kelly and Daddy Mark getting down and dirty. Gross. Get a lock on your door, dudes. But Mark and Kelly say it’s all the lack of knocking which is to blame. But Lola disagrees:

“And Lola’s like: ‘I knocked! You can’t hear me because you’re deaf from exercise class!’ Which may, or may not be true.”

Well I’m so glad to hear that Kelly Ripa still gets it on with her husband. Two things you can’t keep Kelly away from for long: Botox and Mark’s D.

Here’s their full story:

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