Sure, all of us longtime Jonas Brothers fans have been looking forward to the band’s comeback tour for quite some time – but Alena and Valentina Jonas are the most excited about the tour.

Kevin Jonas opened up about having his daughters on the road trip and just how excited they both were about it.

“Yeah, it’s crazy,” Kevin shared, while speaking with ET. “Yesterday, my girls showed up for the first time seeing the backstage and getting some special stuff for the road and they were in the best mood I think they’ve ever been.”

“I am just beyond excited to have them see this for the first time tonight.”

He added that having them there, along with wife Danielle, is “different, but we’re enjoying every single moment. The girls showed up yesterday and ran into uncle Nick and uncle Joe and we were just like, ‘we’re here.’ You know, they’re ready to go.”

If you missed it, you can check out Kevin, Nick and Joe visiting Star Wars Land at Disney World!

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