As you’ve probably heard by now, Kim Kardashian flew her entire family to Tahiti for her 40th birthday.

And while we’re sure she enjoyed the sun and sand (although it’s not like those things are hard to find in Southern California), we’re guessing Kim is regretting the trip these days.

The drama has been non-stop ever since the day Kim tweeted out a bunch of pics, along with a lengthy description of what a totally awesome time she and her wealthy siblings had on the island.

First, there were the complaints about Kim’s tone-deafness.

Someone on her PR team probably should’ve told her that it’s not a great look to boast about your awesome vacay in the middle of a pandemic when many people aren’t allowed to travel and the unemployment rate is astronomically high.

Then there was the weirdness involving the hologram of Kim’s dead father that Kanye West surprised her with as a gift.

As if the gesture weren’t bizarre enough on its own, Kanye had Kim’s late father praise him as the “most, most, most, most genius man.”

Very weird, Yeezy!

And folks, now it looks like we’ve got even more gossip from the ill-advised vacation that keeps on giving.

Fans have pointed out that it looks as though Kim has photoshopped a pic of her and her sisters rocking bikinis on the beach.

“Girls just wanna have sun,” Kim captioned the pic below.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t so distracted by her bikini body or her Cyndi Lauper pun that they failed to notice the way her arm seems to disappear behind Khloe’s back.

As Life & Style reports, several commenters were quick to call Kim out on her Photoshop fail.

“Who needs an arm when you have a nice waist?” one commenter wrote.

“I thought I was the only one who noticed!!” a second replied.

“I love how your arm disappears behind Khloe,” a third chimed in.

The reaction brings to mind the incident from back in May, in which Khloe posted an unrecognizable photo of “herself” that was so heavily retouched a part of her necklace disappeared, leaving half a chain dangling from her neck with nothing to support it.

There was a time when we assumed the Kardashians shelled out for a team of top Photoshop techs.

But given the shoddy work they’ve been posting lately, we’re beginning to think otherwise.

It seems that either the Kards are hiring college students on the cheap, of they’re editing these pics on their own.

Either way, the results leave much to be desired.

Perhaps someone should inform the ladies that they’re very, very wealthy.

Kim is a billionaire with a billionaire husband and a billionaire sister, for Pete’s sake.

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We think she can afford to hire top-notch talent for touching up her pics.

Or, ya know, she can just start posting un-retouched photos like the rest of us.

It’s possible she’s been ‘shopping her posts for so long that she forgot she’s naturally one of the hottest women on the planet.

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