TikTok stars trying to bring back low-rise jeans is bad enough – but now Kim Kardashian is trying to make another relic of a pre-Instagram time happen, and we’re feeling uncomfortable in all senses of the word.

The 39-year-old has jumped on board the ‘bring back visible thongs trend’, and she has the backing of Givenchy.

Kim shouted out the dubious trend as she celebrated Matthew Williams’ debut collection for the fashion house, which included a form-fitting, floor-length backless dress with cut-outs at the elbows.

But the extremely low back came with another accessory – a bright red thong which, yes, is built into the dress and wasn’t just a Kardashian add-on.

Kim posed up a storm in a hallway after Williams sent her the dress, showing off her visible undies in a variety of snaps.

The 39-year-old captioned the post: ‘WOW @matthewmwilliams ✨ Congratulations on your first @givenchyofficial collection! It is such a beautiful collection. I can’t wait to wear all of the looks you’ve sent!!’

And while many of her friends and fans simply commented on how hot Kim looked – as well as joking about the discarded hair extension on the floor – others weren’t as convinced by the noughties trend coming back to haunt us.

Kimora Lee Simmons commented: ‘Your thong is showing ladyyyyyyy!!!’, while another comment read: ‘Nooo it’s going to be the newest fad now.’

And another person spoke for us all, writing: ‘Please don’t bring the showing thong back.’

If you weren’t around in the noughties, it was a pretty bleak time for fashion – a whole lot of low-rise jeans, Von Dutch hats and skirts over trousers for some reason, and an exposed g-string above your waistband was seen everywhere from shopping centres to red carpets.

The trend even made it to the 2001 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, when Gillian Anderson sported a look very similar to Kim’s Givenchy dress. 

To be fair to Kim, she isn’t the only one pushing the comeback of the exposed thong.

Stars like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have been pulling their pants above their jeans for the past few months, and way back in 2017, Vogue published a report proclaiming that the visible thong was making a comeback; although warned to stick to a simple black thong, rather than the hot pink ones favoured by Paris Hilton and co two decades ago.

Hailey Baldwin even took the exposed thong to the Met Gala in 2019, in a glittering peekaboo pant from Alexander Wang, while Bella modelled a visible thong over low-slung trousers in the Versace 2020 show. 

So get ready to swap out your comfy Bridget Jones knickers, pals – dark days are upon us.

Kim is trying, though, to bring back a much comfier trend from the noughties that we’re much more on board with – the classic velour tracksuit.

In the 2000s, there was nothing more fashionable than a velour Juicy Couture tracksuit (preferably in pink with a diamante slogan on the bum), and Kim’s company SKIMS is bringing back the status symbol.

She enlisted former bestie and queen of the noughties Paris Hilton for the promo shots, with the socialities rocking their purple and pink velour trackies and crop tops with their classic Louis Vuitton bags. 

Anyone else feeling nostalgic?

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