Kim Kardashian was in a firestorm for cultural appropriation.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 39, had initially planned to call her new line of bodyshapers Kimono which she later remarked was "foolish" and "ignorant".

Kim come under fire for cultural misappropriation because she had planned to use the name for a traditional Japanese garment for her brand.

In the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, the reality star gave her legion of loyal admirers an uncomfortable look behind the scenes at the backlash.

She said: "Who would ever think that hey, I would want to do something that would be disrespectful? They're saying that I'm cultural appropriating."

In a rant, Kim went on as she claimed she had "foolishly" never considered using the name Kimono would cause such a stir.

The American rose admitted she was "ignorant" it would have caused an offence.

She said: "We brought the name to retailers. There was a lot of people that could have chimed in and said that they felt like this was not an appropriate brand name, and nobody did.

"Foolishly, and ignorantly, we never thought that it would be a problem."

The mayor of Kyoto, Japan, penned her a letter sharing what Kimono meant with the Kardashian.

Kim decided against the name Kimono after she reflected on the letter.

She said: "Kimono is a traditional ethnic dress, and truly symbolizes sense of beauty, spirits and value of Japanese.

"Reading that letter I felt an understanding… I definitely did not want to disrespect a culture. That's not what the brand is even about.

"It's about inclusivity, it's about comfort. It's not about making people feel uncomfortable."

Kim opted to go with SKIMS as the name which was wholly appropriate for her bodyshapers range because it sounded like skins.

New labels were printed to cover the Kimono ones.

The telly star stressed changing the name was the "right thing to do" after the cultural appropriation storm.

She explained: "I always have loved the one-syllable names… I think they're really powerful, and it just rolls off the tongue. And I'm extremely visual, so symmetrically, it looks really cool…

"It's easy, it works, it flows, and I just know that this is the right thing to do."

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