Ana de Armas‘ infamous fan page on Twitter has been blocked by the Knives Out official page on Twitter!

You might remember that back in April, Ana blocked the fan page after the account posted some humorous tweets about her many public outings with boyfriend Ben Affleck.

Well, on Monday (July 6), the fan page noticed that the Twitter account for Ana‘s movie Knives Out had also blocked them.

“BREAKING: The official Knives Out film twitter account has also blocked us!” they tweeted with a screenshot of the block.

The Knives Out page then tweeted out, “Thank god @ArmasUpdates can’t read this.” They took things another step further by reporting an issue against the fan page.

Twitter asked, “Help us understand the problem. What issue with @ArmasUpdates are you reporting?” The Knives Out page selected, “I’m not interested in this account.”

A big star even tweeted his interest in the feud.

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