Kristin Davis is getting incredibly candid about being a white person who has adopted black children, and the discrimination and racism they’ve already faced.

The 54-year-old Sex & The City actress, who is the mother of two adopted black children, spoke out in a conversation about interracial adoption with Jada Pinkett Smith and Jada‘s mother Adrienne in the most recent episode of Red Table Talk.

When asked about the kind of discrimination she’s witnessed against her children, Kristin got emotional.

“I was just horrified. It’s hard to put into words really,” Kristin explained while starting to cry.

Gemma‘s 7 now…when she was a baby, and I was holding her in my arms, people would say to me ‘Won’t she be a great basketball player?’ And I would just have to be like…this is a baby. How could you say that without just being mortified? Like, mortified?! That was when it began…I would try to be polite, but…this is really deep and bad. And how dare they limit my child?”

“What have people been dealing with?! This is just crazy!” she explained.

Watch Kristin Davis discuss her experience inside…

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