Kym Marsh has revealed she faced backlash for asking if her son, who is a tiler, should be able to go to work.

The former Coronation Street star was forced off Twitter after facing negative remarks for questioning if David, 24, can go to work amid the current lockdown in the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The 43-year-old took to social media after Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Monday night ordering a lockdown, saying she was confused over whether or not David’s job was in the “essential” category.

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The soap star wrote: “What does he mean by travelling to and from work unless absolutely necessary?

“What is considered absolutely necessary?? My son is a tiler going into other people’s homes? Can’t work from home so is this necessary?? I can’t do my job from home so is that ok?? I’m confused? Are you?”

Kym was then met with a barrage of comments saying his job shouldn’t be “essential”, but she hit back insisting that David isn’t currently working and is staying at home.

She wrote: “Again the amount of ABUSE I’ve had tonight because I’ve asked a simple question, which by the look of it LOTS of people are asking! I’m SICK of the abuse on here.

“To all the selfish idiots we’re ALL going through the same terrifying s***! For once take your nasty heads off.

“I’m gonna sign off now before I start telling people exactly what I think of them! Too many have opinions when they know nothing! Self employed people are going to go UNDER!!! How many care about that!!! Goodnight."

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She continued: “Anyway goodnight twitter I’m done with the hate on here! I’m off for a break from the absolute poison here! At times like this you would expect help and support, instead you get hatred spite and nastiness. I’m off! Enjoy.”

Kym later added on Tuesday morning: “So THIS is what I was trying to point out last night and got abused for it! I asked for clarity over the work thing and there it is!

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“Personally I think it goes against the message. Surely if we are staying home then we should be staying home full stop?

“These are scary times. For everyone. Hopefully this lock down will work and people make the right choices.”

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