Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former political career may have rubbed off on his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger, who recently urged for more to be done in her hometown state amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 30-year-old daughter of the former California governor tweeted her concern about farmers markets remaining open in Los Angeles despite Mayor Eric Garcetti’s stay-at-home order, which prompted beaches and hiking trails in the state to close in recent weeks.

“The farmers markets in Brentwood still being open seems like a huge issue when it comes to social gatherings,” Katherine Schwarzenegger tweeted to the mayor on Sunday.

It appears Garcetti looked into Schwarzenegger’s complaint rather quickly, as he confirmed just two days later that farmers markets would be temporarily suspended given the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have seen images of dangerously crowded farmers markets –– so I’m announcing the temporary suspension of farmers markets pending City review of physical distancing plans needed to keep communities safe. We will review plans immediately so markets can stay open this week,” Garcetti announced on Monday.

Schwarzenegger is the latest celebrity to speak out about the importance of social distancing as the number of those infected with the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to grow.

While the mayor agreed with Schwarzenegger, her tweet initially received mixed criticism from followers.

“I agree 100% with Katherine! This is a breeding ground for this type of virus. This is WHY they are predicting millions will be infected in the US,” one fan wrote in agreement.

“Listen. Not everyone in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas can get certain items at the grocery stores. Or get FRESH produce! The farmers markets are doing a great job making sure people keep their distance. Echo Park did it this past Friday I was able to get eggs! Finally!” another fan argued.

“Farmers Markets are necessary! They had a line to get in that is monitored with people over 6 ft apart. Many groceries are out of food staples so this is their only choice. Your family has resources-pls remember all the benefits your privilege brings. #Covid_19 #SundayThoughts,” another person told Chris Pratt’s wife.

The daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver recently made the New York Times bestsellers list for her new book, “The Gift of Forgiveness,” which includes stories, interviews and reflections on the act of letting to of resentment.

Katherine Schwarzenegger has also spent the last few weeks sharing her views on the current global health crisis, reminding fans ways in which they can help senior citizens, who fall under the high-risk category of suffering from complications from COVID-19.

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