Danny Williams and his partner Jourdan Riane have been dumped in a shock Love Island elimination.

The public were given the opportunity to vote out their least favourite couple, opting for Danny and Jourdan.

Jourdan is Danny’s third partner since his time in the villa after they coupled up following the brutal Casa Amor twist.

Before meeting Jourdan, Danny had coupled up with Yewande Biala, then sending her home in favour of Arabella Chi.

Following his dumping, Danny says he has “no regrets” about the way he handled things.

He said: “I have absolutely no regrets. I made mistakes for sure it I’m grateful for all the ups and downs because it led me to where I am today and I am a happy man.

“Anything I wanted to say, I feel like I said it in the moment. I apologised for things that I did wrong.”

Despite not yet knowing that Arabella has dumped Danny on the outside after telling the model she’d wait for him, Danny has revealed he is excited to continue getting to know Jourdan.

He continued: I’m excited to date [Jourdan] and travel, meet families and do all the normal stuff that we haven’t done yet.

“I feel like I know so much about her and her character. I know her personality on a deep level but she doesn’t know my parents’ names or the simple things! I’m excited to do the normal things.”

Jourdan is equally looking forward to the future, adding: “I think me and Danny will actually get to date without cameras and microphones and other people.

“I came in looking for a best friend and we’ve already said that we have a really strong friendship if not best friendship.

“I feel like what’s next is to take that to a further romantic level. And to get to know each other in a normal world.”

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