A couple of weeks ago, the season finale of Sister Wives aired.

You miss it already, right?

Sure, it was a pretty weird season, what with the vast majority of the footage being all about the various Brown family members moving around Flagstaff.

But after ten years of following this family, you just can’t help but want to keep on watching them — or we can’t, anyway!

This time around, fans are a little worried about the fate of the show.

The season ended somewhat abruptly, and Meri and Robyn weren’t even featured in the finale, which was all about Maddie giving birth to her daughter.

(We’ll talk about Maddie and her kids more in just a moment, don’t worry!)

We didn’t even get a tell-all, one of those fun episodes where Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all sit around and talk about the season with an interviewer.

Some people are betting that the lack of a tell-all is due to the pandemic, but others are concerned that TLC is just done with the show.

It’s likely that we won’t hear any official news about whether or not the show has been renewed for awhile, so in the meantime, we’ll have to get our Sister Wives fix via social media.

And lucky for us, Maddie is pretty active on Instagram!

Just a few days ago, she was nice enough to share some new pictures of her son and daughter, Axel and Evangalynn (Evie for short!).

She also had a sweet little message to share along with them.

“Evie is getting to the age where Axel is starting to really interact with her,” she explained.

“Well … he plays and she laughs hysterically and he loves it.”

In the photos, we see the kids playing outside in their yard, with Axel showing Evie a big dump truck.

Another shows Evie with a great big smile while playing in some dirt.

It’s so nice to see both kids happy and healthy and doing well, especially with what they went through after Evie was born.

If you saw the finale, then you know that the birth wasn’t without complications — the baby was rushed via ambulance from the birth center to a hospital, and she and Maddie stayed there for a few days before they were able to come home.

Little Evie also suffers from FATCO syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that, for her, means she’s missing some fingers, some fingers are fused together, and she’s also missing a bone in her leg.

As for Axel, he had a hard time with losing his status as an only child, which is totally normal but something that Maddie has seemed to struggle with.

Hopefully this sweet little family keeps doing so well — and hopefully Maddie continues to keep us updated on how they’re all doing!

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