The ‘Tupac Back’ rapper faces backlash after urging people to stop the Black Lives Matter protests instead of joining his people to take action in his hometown of Philadelphia.

AceShowbizMeek Mill‘s concern for people in his old neighborhood of Philadelphia has misfired. The rapper, who was born and raised in the city, has called for an end to protests in his hometown after seeing the damage and casualties caused by the violent unrest, but people think that it’s not the right solution to the situation.

“I hope Philly riots stop today…,” he tweeted on late Monday, June 1 after seeing “a bunch of kids and women just died about nothing!” He went on urging, “If you official take control of ya hood no matter what it takes!”

The 33-year-old star continued calling out the protesters in another tweet, writing, “I just seen a vid of a bunch of kids and women bleeding on the ground in philly from some type of accident ….. slow y’all neighborhoods down ….. no ambulance can’t even get to them!!!!”

While Meek meant no harm with his posts, many questioned his stance in the situation as he wanted the protests to end instead of joining his people on the streets to take action against police brutality. “Why aren’t u down there protesting since it’s always philly this philly that [thinking face emojis],” one person protested. Another similarly asked, “Ain’t you from philly? Why cant you go and help out?”

A third user called his tweets “a clown statement,” while another said he/she “feels this ain’t it!!!!!” Some others pointed out that his reason to call an end on the protests was baseless, writing, “the crash was riot related? meek pls, you was better off being quiet.”

Someone else similarly called him out, “We hate him cause it was a car crash and not for no reason [a woozy face] and he loud and wrong while mfs was out here walking and protesting for him last year now we protesting for JUSTICE and he tweeting poolside in LA about how nobody better steal his dc chains out of shyne jewelers.”

Another person pointed out how people were doing the same to defend him when he was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating parole in 2017, but now he didn’t think the protests were necessary. “When we was protesting and upset for you, you was all about it and now we doing it for US and you got something to say! Blame the police! They’ve been instigating the violence!” the said user wrote. Someone else similarly told Meek that the police were to blame for the unrest, tweeting, “tell that to the police Meek… not the people.”

A few, however, agreed with Meek, with one saying, “Agreed but they’ll hate you for saying this.” Another added, “Exactly we supposed to be saving black lives not losing them.”

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