In the viral video, the NFL star’s girlfriend Crymson Rose is seen trying to take his phone away before he quickly grabs it back and prevents her from seeing what’s inside.

AceShowbiz -A video has since gone viral on the Internet showing NFL star CeeDee Lamb and his girlfriend Crymson Rose. In the short clip, Lamb was sitting right next to his girlfriend when he was talking on the phone, and that was the moment Rose decided to snatch away his other phone lying nearby. However, Lamb was quick to notice what happened and grabbed it back before Rose could even see what’s inside.

That short moment successfully sparked Internet chatters, with many people imagining what Lamb was saying at the time. Among those who joined in the fun was NBA player Trae Young, who wrote on his Twitter account, “Bruh said ‘naahhh what you doin,’ ” along with a crying laughing emoji.

However, it turns out Rose previously dated Young before, and one of his followers was more than happy to call him out for that. Taking to the reply section of his post, the said follower wrote, “Ain’t that your ex boo?” along with a photo of the two together back when they were still in a relationship.

Young has yet to respond to this revelation.

On the other hand, both Lamb and Rose have responded to the viral short clip. Hitting back at the speculation that she was trying to check whether he cheated on her or not, Rose explained that she was merely going to answer a call in his place. “His agent was FACETIMING him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys,” so she said on her account. “I was doing the GF thing. Gonna answer it for him. Sheesh.”

Meanwhile, Lamb urged others not to jump to conclusions on their own after watching the clip. He said, “y’all really gotta chill wasn’t even like dat.”

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