Olly Murs gives surgery update as he returns home

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Singer Olly Murs has taken to his Instagram page today to share a claim that has been made about him on an Internet forum. The former X Factor star was left utterly perplexed by the post, which detailed a supposed backstage moment at a London theatre.

My weirdest encounter has to be when I met Olly Murs in the backstage toilets.

Social media user

Olly, 37, is known for his cheeky personality and often leaving his co-stars in fits of laughter.

However, one encounter is said to have left a fan disgusted yet amused at the same time.

The Voice UK coach often shares aspects of his life with his Instagram followers and his most recent offering is certainly no different.

Olly shared a screenshot of the tale, with the person in question claiming that he “did a massive fart” that is believed to have sounded as though somebody was saying “Olly Murs”.

In view of his 3.6 million followers, the Troublemaker uploaded the post alongside the caption: “Read this and honestly tell me if you think I actually did this…”

It read: “I used to work at a popular London theatre so would deal with ‘celebs’ on a weekly basis.

“My weirdest encounter has to be when I met Olly Murs in the backstage toilets.

“I was washing my hands when he exited a cubicle.”

The anonymous forum user continued: “I noticed he kept looking at me in the mirror so I smiled at him, he then looked at me in the mirror again dead in the eye and did a massive fart that sounded like someone saying OLLY MURS and while he did it, he opened his mouth to mouth the words ‘Olly Murs’.

“I swear to God it was one of the most random/brilliant/disgusting things that’s ever happened to me.”

They added: “We both burst out laughing after he did it. Was so funny.

“He then left the toilet and when I saw him in the bar about an hour later, he winked at me and mouthed ‘Olly Murs’ from across the room and burst out laughing again. Honestly, I’m p*****g myself just thinking about it.”

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However, many of Olly’s online followers didn’t seem too phased by the claim, with some saying it would not shock them.

“You probably burst into song singing ‘now excuse me if I sound rude’,” joked one, noting one of Olly’s lyrics.

A second added: “Absolutely could see you doing that.”

“Wouldn’t shock me to be fair,” claimed a third.

Olly recently shared an update with his followers after spending a period of time in hospital following an injury.

A fragment of bone became lodged in the back of his knee after he jumped into the air during his show at Newmarket’s July Racecourse.

Taking to Instagram, Olly shared a snap of himself modelling his workout clothing in the mirror, while updating his fans.

He added the caption yesterday: “Painful. Yes. Getting better every day. Yes. Annoyed and frustrated. Yes. But we move.”

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