While then-Meghan Markle invited her Suits costars to her 2018 wedding, I never got the impression that she was super-tight/BFFs with any of them. That’s not a slam or anything, I just got the impression that she was well-liked and respected for her professionalism among her coworkers, but she was much closer to people outside of work. But you can’t just say “yeah, I worked with Meghan for years and years but it’s not like we were best friends.” That’s not a sexy interview hook! So it is with Patrick J. Adams, the star of Suits who played many scenes against Meghan. Whenever Adams is interviewed these days, he’s asked about Meghan. He never disses her, and he comes up with creative ways to say that they were just work friends and not much more.

Patrick J. Adams says “pure fear” is preventing him from calling his former Suits costar Meghan Markle. The actor played the Duchess of Sussex’s love interest on the USA drama, but after attending her royal wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, he’s had little contact with Meghan.

“Quite frankly, I think I’m intimidated,” he told the Radio Times. “I have no doubt I could pick up the phone and call her at any moment, but I don’t know what I would say.”

Adams said that after Meghan and Harry’s 1-year-old son Archie was born and he welcomed a daughter with Troian Bellisario, the former costars were in touch. “After our children were born, there were some texts sent and gifts sent, but I guess I’m a little scared,” he explained. “I think it’s pure fear. I guess I’m scared about the idea of breaking through whatever walls exist to have that conversation.”

Adams added that it’s difficult to see the media scrutiny Meghan has been under since leaving Suits and marrying Prince Harry. “Knowing what’s in Meghan’s heart and knowing how compassionate she can be, it’s hard to watch because you want your friends to be left alone to build their life together,” he said.

Adams, 39, also recently spoke about his relationship with Meghan, also 39, with Access Hollywood, saying that he was “happy to have her stateside” after she relocated with her family to California earlier this year. The actor also applauded his former costar’s recent work in encouraging Americans to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

“I’m very, very happy that she’s becoming very vocal and doing whatever she can to help the election in November,” he said. “I miss my friend, but I’m very happy she’s doing well.”

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I think about this a lot, especially in the context of Meghan’s friendship with Jessica Mulroney. Patrick, Jessica, all of them knew Meghan before she was a duchess. They knew her when she was an actress on a cable show with dreams and goals beyond Suits, for sure, but did any of them ever think that the Meghan they knew for years would end up as the Duchess of Sussex, the American princess who rescued a blood prince and got him to move to sunny California? The story of Meghan’s life is so improbable, and it’s funny that the people who were once in Meghan’s life are still making adjustments. What DO you say to your former coworker after the craziness of her life the past three years?

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