A Sheriff’s deputy says the ‘Magnolia’ rapper talked back when he was pulled over in Clayton County, Georgia earlier this month, during which police discovered drugs and firearms in his car.

AceShowbizPlayboi Carti has possibly risked himself getting a heavier sentence for offending a police officer who arrested him earlier this month. The rapper was pulled over in Clayton County, Georgia about a week ago, and according to the cop, the 23-year-old star “was mouthing off big time.”

In police report obtained by TMZ, a Sheriff’s deputy who pulled Carti over says the “Magnolia” spitter showed bad attitude right after he asked him to get out of his car. He allegedly told the officer to take him to jail and said he didn’t even care anymore.

Carti, who was with a pal at the time of arrest, continued to trash talk the officer when the cops conducted a search. He allegedly told the deputy that he’d “f**k my daughter” and that the deputy had a hot wife. He also allegedly said he didn’t care what would happen to his fancy sports car, because he’d just buy another one anyway.

Carti was initially pulled over in his Lamborghini for expired registration tags on Thursday, April 2. After conducting a search, police found 12 bags of marijuana, Xanax, codeine, oxycodone and firearms. He and his pal were arrested and taken to Clayton County Jail.

The Atlanta-born artist was booked for expired tags, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to move over, while his friend was slapped with the harder drug and gun possession charges. Carti was released on bond shortly afterward.

His latest run-in with the law doesn’t slow down his music career though. The “Woke Up Like This” spitter has been gearing up to release a new album called Whole Lotta Red and on Tuesday, April 15 he teased it by unveiling a cover art, which is believed to be for the project. The artwork, which doesn’t feature the album’s title, features the rapper sitting alone in front of a blue background with a warning of “Parental Advisory” for “Explicit Content” written on the bottom right corner.

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