Princess Anne is divine! Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter posed for a series of new portraits to celebrate her 70th birthday, which is on Saturday, Aug. 15. The photos, shot by John Swannell, were taken at her home at Gatcombe Park in late February.

In one photo, Anne looks stunning in an ivory gown with a matching quarter-length sleeve jacket as she sits on a chair. She’s wearing pearl necklaces, a gold watch, bracelet and earrings. Her hair is swept up in an elegant undo, and she dons a bold red lipstick.  

Two other photos were shared with the public. Another is a close up of Anne in a regal emerald green ensemble, while another one shows her in more casual attire while outdoors.

Anne, as well as Queen Elizabeth, made headlines last month for their sweet exchange they had in the recent ITV special, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70. The Queen and her daughter were participating in a video call when some issues arose.

“Good morning at Windsor!” Anne tells her mother in a clip shared online. 

“Good morning. I’m very glad to have been able to join you,” the Queen replies. 

Her Royal Highness, however, struggled to see everyone on the call and her daughter attempted to assist from afar.

In a rare interview with royal expert Katie Nicholl for Vanity Fair in April, Anne opened up like never before about her duties and the younger generation of royals.

“I don’t think retirement is quite the same [for me],” she said. “Most people would say we’re very lucky not to be in that situation because you wouldn’t want to just stop. It is, to a large extent, the choice of the organizations you’re involved with and whether they feel you’re still relevant. But I think both my father and my mother have, quite rightly, made decisions about, you know, ‘I can’t spend enough time doing this and we need to find somebody else to do it’ because it makes sense. I have to admit they continued being there for a lot longer than I had in mind, but we’ll see.”

Anne also described herself as “the boring old fuddy-duddy at the back saying, ‘Don’t forget the basics.’” 

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