Slacklining, or highlining, definitely ain’t for everyone — the sport is high adrenaline and high risk, and one of its budding stars, Aaron Bray, knows it’s not on the radar of most Black people … something he wants to change.

Aaron joined “TMZ Live” Wednesday to talk about the new Discovery+ show, “Pushing the Line” … which follows Aaron and 12 other extreme athletes busting tricks on long, narrow highlines over scenic canyons.

For the uninitiated … slacklining’s similar to tightrope walking, but uses a 1-inch wide strap that’s less tensioned to allow for a bouncing effect. Think tiny, tiny trampoline.

Highlining, however, is a subset of slacklining and it’s considered the peak of the sport. It’s performed hundreds of feet above the ground or water … and the mental toughness required is pretty damn unbelievable.

Aaron’s been at it for 5 years now and he tells us he’s one of the very few Black athletes in America who take part in the sport. He didn’t shy away from our suggestion he’s the Jackie Robinson of the sport — in fact, he’s embracing the responsibility.

Aaron says slacklining’s always been seen as “more of a privileged white boy sport” but he’s trying to shift that … and hopes this new show helps people realize it’s okay to break out of the norm.

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