Sam Smith revealed they have been ‘hit hard’ by mental health issues, and opened up about possibly suffering post traumatic stress disorder.

The Lay Me Down singer has always been candid about their mental health, and has spoken publicly about their struggles in the past,

And, chatting to Zane Lowe for an Apple Music interview, the 28-year-old explained: ‘I’ve always been sad, but for the first time I actually really had mental health issues, like panic attacks, anxiety, depression.

‘It really hit me hard. I think it was PTSD probably from before.’

Sam said that a relationship ending ‘didn’t help’ the ‘really tough time’ they were going through.

‘The adrenaline high that you hit when you’re on stage, that when you come off, the silence in a changing room is really, really tough,’ they continued.

‘It’s taken me six, seven years to actually work out what I need to make that okay.

‘I’m nervous about the next tour too, but I think the energy will be different on the next tour.’

Sam poured all their emotions into a new album, Love Goes, which they will be dropping on fans on October 30.

And, while the I’m Not The Only One confessed the album is ‘safe’, they’re ‘not ashamed’ of that.

‘Because at a moment of such unsafety in my life, all I wanted to feel was safe,’ they insisted. ‘So that’s honest to me. Pushing myself during that second album would have been probably detrimental to my health because I wasn’t in the right space.’

Speaking to Capital Breakfast last month, Sam also suggested the album numbed the pain of their split from 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn.

‘In the album before, I would speak about love, and I would really linger on the pain,’ the star added.

‘This album was more like, “I’m heartbroken. I need to get in the studio, and I don’t want to talk about it; I just want to dance”. 

‘And then we ended up dancing and I talk it through dancing a little bit. 

‘So it is a break-up album but it’s more like shake them off, dance them away.’

We can’t wait to give it a listen.

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