Steve Backshall, 46, was recently awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list for his charity work. In addition, his wife, Olympic champion Helen Glover, will soon be welcoming their second son.

The couple who are already parents to their one-year-old son Logan recently chatted about their home life and juggling their work.

Steve is known for tracking down the world’s deadliest animals in the children’s CBBC programme Deadly 60.

So when he is away filming various expeditions, the wildlife star admitted spending time away from his family for long periods of time can be “heartbreaking”.

Speaking in this week’s OK! magazine, Steve explained: “It’s so hard, particularly now because it sometimes feels that Logan ages a month in a day.


  • Steve Backshall: All my trips tend to be preparation for expeditions

“Some of my expeditions have been six weeks, and I go away and he has gone from a baby to a toddler and I feel like I have missed out on that and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

He continued: “It’s been really tough the last couple of years, but I think we will try to find a way between the two of us so we find some balance.”

His wife Helen also spoke about their situation and added it is still “undecided” how long Steve will travel.

The Olympic champion chimed: “I think next year it’s still undecided how much Steve will be away.

“So many people go through this, whether they’re in the military or other jobs, or single parents, and it gives me perspective on what people have to do.”

She added: “I have so much respect for others because I now that after six weeks or so, Steve is going to come home, and it’s not going to last forever.”

Meanwhile, Steve recently took to Instagram and shared a sweet snap of his pregnant wife as she stood atop a cliff in Cornwall.

In view of his 104,000 followers, he captioned the post: “Clifftop high crashing waves, chuffing chough, introducing ‘bump’ to Cornwall! Preparing for a big start to 2020! @helenglovergb #cornwall #anydaynow.”

Fans flocked to comment, as one person said: “Congrats to you both Steve! Helen looks super strong.”

Another person commented: “Do a series together! Maybe with the young one. Never been done before,” while another person added: “Wonderful.”

Steve is famous for his TV appearances as a naturalist and is best known for Deadly 60.

He has also been part of expedition teams on shows such as Lost Land of the Tiger, Lost Land of the Volcano and Lost Land of the Jaguar.

OK! Magazine [OK! Magazine]

He announced his engagement to champion rower Helen in 2015, tying the knot a year later.

Helen is a two-time Olympic champion and has been ranked the number one female rower in the world since 2015.

First winning an Olympic gold medal with her partner Heather Stanning in 2012 for the women’s coxless pairs, they retained their title at the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.

You can read the full interview in this week’s OK! magazine out now.

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