Controversial rapper Teskashi 6ix9ine is the latest guest to feature on Logan Paul’s popular podcast Impaulsive.

While the YouTuber is yet to share any details about their pair’s chat, it’s safe to say it’s going to get the people going.

Logan, 25, dropped the bombshell with a simple tweet on Tuesday as he wrote: ’69 x IMPAULSIVE tomorrow.’

He also shared a snap of himself, Tekashi and co-hosts Spencer Taylor and Mike Majlak.

Fans will get to see what went down when the episode drops on Wednesday.

Tekashi recently did his first post-prison interview and it was full of headline-making revelations.

Sentenced to two years in prison, including 13 months already served, Tekashi was allowed out of jail to house arrest amid the coronavirus pandemic due to worries over his asthma if he were to catch the virus.

Tekashi admits he had initally followed the ‘street code’ of not snitching on his associates despite them breaking the code when it came to him.

He admitted he ‘knew what [he] was getting into’ when he joined Nine Trey, but he was providing them with money in exchange for ‘credibility’ and having the ‘gang image’. 

When asked what his biggest worry about testifying was, 6ix9ine revealed: ‘This probably sounds sick, but I didn’t have a worry, because I wanted to testify. 

‘That’s sick, right? But I wanted to tell my truth.’

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