In June, ABC announced that Matt James would be the next Bachelor, becoming the first Black Bachelor.

Season 25 is highly anticipated, and not just because it will be historic.

Matt is a good-looking guy who was making waves in the Bachelor Nation well before his casting was announced.

As leading man, he will have a veritable horde of gorgeous women competing to win his heart and become his fiancee.

ABC has now released a list of the women who may be on his season.

The list includes 43 gorgeous women with an age rage spanning about a decade.

Take a look at these hopeful contestants and figure out who's likely to be on the season — which of them will be "ones to watch" as they romance Matt.

1.Season 25 will be historic

2.Abigail, 25

3.Alana, 26

4.Alicia, 24

5.Amber, 30

6.Anna, 24

7.Bri, 24

8.Brittany, 23

9.Carolyn, 30

10.Cassandra, 25

11.Catalina, 29

12.Chelsea, 29

13.Corrinne, 22


15.Illeana, 25

16.Jessenia, 27

17.Kaili, 26

18.Katie, 29

19.Kennedy, 23

20.Khaylah, 28

21.Kim, 28

22.Kimberly, 28

23.Kit, 21

24.Kristin, 27

25.Lauren, 29

26.Madison, 27

27.Magi, 32

28.Mari, 24

29.Marie, 25

30.Marylynn, 28

31.Michelle, 27

32.MJ, 23

33.Nicole Remy, 25

34.Nicole Rovner, 31

35.Pieper, 24

36.Rachael, 24

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