When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the BAFTAs last Sunday, they probably thought they’d get the same reception they always get, which is “celebrities appreciative of their presence.” I think that probably was the reception they received, except for a few pointed jokes by Rebel Wilson and Margot Robbie/Brad Pitt. The Brad Pitt jokes – about naming the trophy Harry – didn’t seem that shady, and Will & Kate were seen laughing. The Rebel Wilson part – in which she dared to mention Prince Andrew – probably didn’t go over so well. Plus, William’s big “I’m saying words about racism!” speech totally got jacked by Joaquin Phoenix’s “white people need to be front and center in dismantling these toxic, racism systems of oppression” Best Actor speech. That probably hurt William more than any of those “jokes.” But you never know. According to this one shady Fox News source, William and Kate were VERY put-out by all of the celebrities making fun of them!

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were apparently not prepared for the shocking jokes made by Hollywood about their family. William, 37, and Middleton, 38, sat front row and appeared tense at the ceremony as stars such as Brad Pitt and Rebel Wilson poked fun at “Megxit” and Prince Andrew.

“The feedback is that many of the stars stepped out of line in front of the patron, which is the Duke of Cambridge,” U.K. media commentator Neil Sean told Fox News. “William is a huge supporter of films and spoke openly in his speech about the lack of diversity at the awards.” Sean noted the star who “offended the most” was Wilson, who had no problem poking fun at recent royal controversies. The Australian actress, who took to the stage as a presenter in the “Best Director” category, was quick to crack jokes that drew gasps from the audience.

“It is really great to be here at the Royal Andrew… uh, Royal Harry, no, at this royal palace place,” the 39-year-old quipped, referencing William’s uncle and younger brother, respectively. The camera then immediately cut to William and Middleton who looked visibly uncomfortable by the commentary.

“This was not met with the smiling faces that you saw on the final edited version of the show,” claimed Sean, saying the broadcast had been allegedly edited so that there were minimal reaction shots from the royal couple. Sean further alleged: “A mole also told me that to ensure that the royals are not embarrassed or made fun of again at such a prestigious event like this one… they will have a ‘moral clause’ inserted into their acceptance agreement ensuring that due reverence is given to the royal couple who gave their time and support to such a wonderful celebration of film and is respected.”

[From Fox News]

“…They will have a ‘moral clause’ inserted into their acceptance agreement ensuring that due reverence is given to the royal couple…” OMG. I was not aware that anyone could even DO that? I mean, William is BAFTA president, what is he going to do, make every actor sign a piece of paper swearing that they won’t make fun of royalty, or else they can’t attend the BAFTAs? What’s more likely is that William will throw a tantrum to various BAFTA people and then decide to simply not go to the BAFTAs next year. Because how dare they make mild jokes about his family! Don’t they know that poor William has been diligently working behind the scenes to smear his family? He doesn’t need to hear jokes about it!

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