Sam and Billie Faiers were in for a surprise while filming for The Mummy Diaries as Sam's daughter Rosie accidentally broke a £40,000 toy car during a photoshoot.

In the first episode of the show's seventh series, the two year old can be seen sitting inside the car, which had 100,000 Swarovski crystals encrusted on it, next to her four year old brother Paul.

The tot then leaps up, leaning against the plastic windshield of the car as her dad, Paul Knightley, warns her: "Off the window screen Rosie, fingers off."

But Rosie then continues to press even harder down onto the car, resulting in a loud cracking sound.

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Sam gasps, registering what just happened, and later tells the camera in a VT: "It's like: 'Oh no!' Rosie's leant up onto the windscreen and the windscreen's cracked."

"Do you know when it's like tumble weed," she continues, making circular motions with her hands, before adding: "It went really quiet and I sort of just froze. Trust it to be one of my kids as well."

Clearly annoyed, Sam then went next to her daughter, telling her to get out of the toy car, before saying: "There's no way I'd be able to fork out 40 grand to replace this car."

But she is then seen telling the man who worked for the location where the photoshoot took place that she'd be "happy to pay for the plastic," apologising as she helped her tot out of the car.

Behind the scenes Sam, who recently revealed her son still sleeps in her and Paul's bed, tells her sister: "I mean it's gonna be a slightly more expensive shoot than we thought."

Speaking between nervous giggles, Billie added: "You broke it, you bought it!"

It comes as the former TOWIE stars recently revealed plans to fall pregnant at the same time.

Speaking to Closer magazine recently, Sam said: "I definitely want more kids – Paul and I have always wanted a big family."

But, the 29 year old admitted their plans to expand their brood will come after they've managed to move into their new home.

She continued: "Little Paul starts school in September, we’re moving house, and it’s my 30th this year, so I think after all that we will try.

"I want to be in a stable place to get pregnant – and I know Billie wants to wait, too."

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Her sister, 30 year old Billie, is also in talks with her husband Greg Shepherd whom she shares Nelly, five, and two year old Arthur with, to have more children.

Much like her younger sister, she's decided to wait until her home renovations are complete, which is expected to be in 2021.

Billie said: "Hopefully the timing will work so that Sam and I can be pregnant together!"

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