While we’ve all been focused on what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to do now that they’re leaving the royal family and moving to Canada, there’s another side of this transition to consider, aka what the royal family is going to do now that Meghan and Harry are stepping down.

Without two of their most popular senior royals, it stands to reason that there’s now some extra work that has to be spread among the current working royals, and it looks as though Queen Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who’s married to Prince Edward, might be picking up some of the slack. A royal source tells The Sun:

The Palace declined to comment, so for now it remains to be seen who’s going to take on Harry and Meghan’s work. And for the record, it sounds like Harry was sad to leave behind some of his royal duties—in a speech addressing the royal exit he said:

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