The suspension on Samantha Markle’s Twitter account has been lifted

It’s been a relatively quiet autumn for the Toxic White Markles. Thomas Markle faked some health issues early in the summer, then his former business partner Jeff Rayner got a restraining order against Toxic Tom after Tom threatened to kill him. It’s been suspiciously quiet around Toxic Tom for months, and I kind of wonder if the British tabloids view him as a loose cannon who could blurt out the whole sordid business arrangement at any moment. Samantha Grant has also been quiet for months, having been kicked off social media. Suddenly, she couldn’t book any TV appearances either. Something strange was happening behind-the-scenes, I’m sure. Well, here’s a terrible update: the suspension has been lifted on Samantha’s Twitter account. Or one of her accounts, at least.

The Duchess of Sussex can expect more barbs from her elder half-sister, Samantha Markle, who’s been allowed back on Twitter after Elon Musk took over the social network. Samantha claims she was ‘unjustly targeted and shut down by bots and trolls falsely reporting my account’.

Speaking to the Steeple Times website, she enthuses: ‘I believe that this will be a historically positive change for our social and economic world.’

She also sings the praises of the Tesla billionaire: ‘I’m glad that Elon Musk is going to save free speech . . . We can all have our opinions, and disagree. Elon Musk wants to make it fair for both the Right and the Left equally. Differing opinions and controversy make people think and grow.’ Let’s hope Meghan agrees.

[From The Daily Mail]

Earlier this year, Buzzfeed did an exhaustive look at how Samantha had been one of the chief “Twitter trolls” when it came to the coordinated hate campaign against the Duchess of Sussex. Samantha was in direct contact with the for-profit hate operation, and no surprise, Samantha was making money off her hate campaign too. Buzzfeed also found that Samantha has/had multiple Twitter handles and that as soon as one account was suspended, she picked up with another one. I have the same question I’ve always had: was this coordinated at a palace-level? Were there people within one of the communications offices (or multiple offices) helping to coordinate and “script” the hate from Thomas Markle, Samantha and the hate campaign? Anyway, it f–king sucks that Samantha is back on Twitter officially. But it makes perfect sense considering there’s been a significant uptick of royalist bot accounts and hate-accounts in recent months. To me, it all looks connected.

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