In the sprawling Star Wars mythos, the lightsaber is so much more than just a weapon. It’s a symbol. A lightsaber represents everything that a Jedi warrior is, and something as simple as its color can be a sign of who they are as a person. This inevitably means the lightsaber can also be the subject of all manner of fan theories.

And now, it exists. Like, lightsabers are actually real, you guys.

YouTuber the Hacksmith (aka James Dobson) has been able to create a real-life “proto-saber”; an energy sword with its own power source that reaches at incredibly high temperature.

Hobson’s saber consists of a rod made from titanium and tungsten, with a ceramic insulated handle, powered by a portable battery. Electrical current flows down the tungsten, and then back up through the titanium. When fully powered, the saber burns at 2752°.

The video shows exactly how Hobson and his team made the “proto-saber”, demonstrating the process as his colleague Riley makes a second weapon, and then it gets to the good part: a real-life lightsaber duel, carried out in protective suits because safety first, obviously.

This isn’t the first time Hobson has brought an iconic weapon straight off the screen and into the real world. Last year, Hacksmith Industries forged a replica of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir from the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it weighed 110 pounds, cost $10,000 to make. He’s also made Stormbreaker, the axe that Thor wields in Infinity War and Endgame, andCaptain America’s shield.

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