YFN Lucci came in guns blazing to a music video shoot, but didn’t seem to know he had a loaded gun in his hand until it was too late.

The rapper was recently on set when someone handed him a semi-automatic weapon of some sort to use as a prop … except it wasn’t fake, this thing was very much real.

Lucci didn’t seem to realize that until he pulled the trigger and fired off a round as 3 other people were gathered around him. The shot scared the crap out of everyone — some screamed and everyone scattered. The ammo appeared to leave a hole in the studio floor.

What that could mean … the gun was loaded with actual bullets, instead of just blanks. Obviously, super dangerous. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt … at least from what we can see here.

This isn’t the first run-in with clips Lucci has had lately — you’ll recall his Mercedes SUV was riddled with bullet holes in a drive-by shooting out in Atlanta, which he luckily survived. Someone else did get hit in the shoot-out though.

It’s unclear where Lucci’s music video was being recorded, but there are very strict rules about prop weapons in the entertainment industry. Bottom line … someone screwed up, and it might cost ’em.

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