TikTok has clued us into so many accessories that can be used day in and day out — case in point: a popcorn maker that actually cooks every single kernel in the bunch. But what you might now know is that the app is also home to so many pet product recommendations from users who have tested them out with their furry friends.

 Everything from toys to grooming products has gone viral thanks to these pet parents. Take, for example, user @noah_and_lincoln's review of a super strong chew toy that their adorable pitbull Lincoln loves. It was posted in October and has received more than 320,000 likes. Many of these goodies featured are so clever that they'll make your life as a caretaker more fun and less stressful.

Other accounts, like this one dedicated to online shopping, offer up a whole host of reviews on a bunch of different pet essentials that can make your life so much easier (and cleaner). Any pet lover knows how much of a difference another's insight and advice can make, and these videos do just that. They showcase grooming hacks that don't require any time spent in the bathtub, water bottles that come with built-in dog bowls, and even interactive toys that your cat can play with while you're away from home.

Once you're done checking out these viral videos, scroll down below to see some of life-changing pet essentials featured — based on the reviews and ratings, you'll want to add these goodies to your cart as soon as possible. 

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

Taking your pup on long walks and hikes is always an adventure. Ensure that they stay hydrated throughout the journey with this handy water bottle. It clips onto backpacks or belt loops and squeezes out water into a tiny dog bowl perfect for on-the-go sipping. 

“It’s great for going on hikes, or at the park or if you’re on a road trip,” TikTok user @onlinefinds says in their video. “You just push the button, the water dispenses out, and you have a nice little water bowl for your dog.”

Buy It! MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, $18.99; amazon.com

CPFK Suction Cup Tug of War Toy

Remember Lincoln the pitbull? This is the tough toy he can’t get enough of. To use it, place sticky film on your floors and add the suction cups on top. It acts as a tug-of-war-style activity for dogs who like to rough house, but also is meant to clean their teeth as an added bonus. 

You can put treats inside of the rubber ball to further entice your pups to keep playing and stay active, a hack that reviewers say really comes in handy. 

“The toy feels well-made and the rubber is very durable,” wrote one reviewer. “Although my dog is small, she is a tough chewer that shreds through toys quickly. She’s been playing with this for over a week now and it still looks brand new! She has a lot of fun trying to figure out how to get the treats so it keeps her busy for a while and gives her plenty of mental stimulation.”

Buy It! CPFK Suction Cup Tug of War Toy, $24.99; amazon.com 

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

Say goodbye to your lint rollers, because their superior replacement has been found. The ChomChom uses bristles, not sticky paper, to lift away hair and dirt for a clean that will leave your living space feeling renewed in no time. 

Of the more than 44,000 Amazon reviewers who have given the device a perfect rating, many of them credit it for completely revolutionizing their cleaning routines. 

“Where has this been all my crazy cat-loving life?” asked one reviewer. “Sticky rollers work fine for clothes, but this is the only product that has ever completely removed all the cat hair from my bed… After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don’t have a pet. I don’t care, it’s that good.”

Buy It! ChomChom Pet Hair Remover, $24.95; amazon.com

Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

Make bath time easier and less painful (for you and your pet) by including this hair-catching glove in your grooming routine. It gently removes hair and can help lather in shampoos to give your animal a long-lasting and refreshing smell. 

“These gloves have been absolutely great for my aging, hairy dogs, and clearly they will be my only grooming aide,” wrote one user. “What else is there to say?”

Buy It! Delomo Pet Grooming Glove, $13.99 (orig. $16.99); amazon.com

Bseen LED Dog Collar

Give yourself some peace of mind at night when your dog is out going to the bathroom or beside you for walks. The LED collar provides some much-needed assurance by lighting up your pup’s neck so that you always know where they’re at. 

“You can cut it according to your dog’s neck size,” one TikTok reviewer says. “It’s just great for keeping track of your dog at night when it’s dark and you can’t see them.” 

Buy It! Bseen LED Dog Collar, $14.97; amazon.com 

Slson Collapsible Dog Bowl

Make road trips easier by bringing this collapsible pet bowl you can use at every rest stop. It’s a space-saving hack that will keep your pets well-fed, hydrated, and happy throughout any endeavor. 

“Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport and use,” wrote one shopper. “The carabiner is nice to attach to a backpack or bag.”

Buy It! Slson Collapsible Dog Bowl, $5.99 (orig. $6.99); amazon.com 

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Having a furry friend around the house means finding hair anywhere and everywhere you look. Prevent the loose pieces from taking over your couch and cushions by using this comb that cleans coats instantly. Its clever design allows for you to easily discard any removed hair at the touch of a button, and its non-evasive bristles ensure that your pup or cat is comfortable during grooming.

You can see just how easy (and effective) it is in TikTok user @thehuskyenzo’s video.

Buy It! Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, $15.99; amazon.com 

Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Shampoo

Think of this as a sort of dry shampoo for your dog. It removes dirt and odors from their fur for a fresh finish that doesn’t require any water. If you have a furry friend who’s scared of baths or who always seems to need a little freshen up, this is a product for you. 

“The spray is very gentle, like a mist, so even my dog doesn’t mind it,” said one pet parent. “Rubs in, dries quickly, and he really does smell clean. I also spray it on his bedding.”

Buy It! Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Shampoo, $14.95; amazon.com

Veken Pet Fountain

Pet fountains can take up more space than necessary (not to mention they can be a bit of an eyesore), but this one has a cute design that won’t take over the room. Along with TikTok love, the appliance has more than 25,000 perfect ratings because of its functional and fun design. 

“Best investment ever for the cat,” wrote one shopper. “I placed this in another room and he visits it very often. It’s a very quiet machine.”

Buy It! Veken Pet Fountain, $28.99; amazon.com 

YVE Life Cat Laser Toy

A fun and interactive cat game that’ll keep your animal entertained is hard to come by, but this laser toy gets the job done, according to TikTok users and Amazon reviewers. Appropriately shaped like a kitten, the toy uses five random patterns to shoot out rays of light. Perhaps the most notable function: It can turn on every three hours while you’re away from home. Your cat will get a workout in while you’re gone, and you won’t have to worry about coming home to a light show since it automatically turns off after 15 minutes of use.  

Buy It! YVE Life Cat Laser Toy, $25 (orig. $39.99); amazon.com 

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