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Let’s be honest: the majority of us will have spent most of 2020 in loungewear or just straight up pyjamas. I genuinely cannot relate to those who managed to get up every day during the pandemic, paint their faces and put on REAL CLOTHES. It’s admirable, but really not relatable. Wearing PJs all day? That’s more like it. And the good news is that these days, there are plenty of pyjamas you can get away with on a Zoom call, so even if you have a meeting early doors, you really don’t have to change after rolling out of bed in the A.M.

High-end designer Ganni has actually just released a new 13-piece range, called "Summer Love," that promotes the ‘nightwear as daywear’ vibe, and the high street is most definitely following suit. But you don’t have to buy a dedicated day-time outfit that looks like PJs, you can totally just wear an actual PJ set, particularly for a Zoom call where your fellow callers will only see your top half.

From short sets to long sleeves, here is a range of super cool PJs I think you could absolutely get away with wearing on a video call and beyond this year. Just be careful not to stand up if you keep the bottom halves on during that important work conference with the CEO…

This set is slightly on the pricier side, but given the brand’s ethical status and the stunning, rich colour and cute collar detailing (which reads ‘the best is yet to come’) of this set, I totally think this is justified. Plus, you can have them monogrammed with your initials for free. Every woman needs a luxe silk set, and the shirt of this one could easily be worn IRL with jeans. Available in XS-XXL.

I’ve legit been looking for a perfect baggy satin black vest top, and this one is perfect. Pile on some gold jewellery and you’re Zoom-ready, regardless of what you’re wearing on the bottom! Available in XS-L.

I could totally see this tucked into some high waisted jeans or denim shorts for a casual, relaxed look. Or just keep the shorts on during your Zoom call; no one will know any different! Available in sizes XS-L.

Available in sizes XS-L.

A satin t-shirt could be worn for any occasion, from sleep to a night out! This one is a super chic colour, too. Available in sizes S, M, L.

Available in sizes XS-L.

Everybody needs a pair of classic navy and white long pjs, and honestly, these days you can pay an arm and a leg for a set. Luckily, this Lindex set is super affordable, and the top is chic enough to pull off for a video call. Available in sizes XS-XL.

Available in sizes XS-XL.

Yes, £71 for a PJ short set sounds like a lot, but hear me out! This new range by Les Girls Les Boys uses stunning Liberty fabric, making them uber chic. And the cute camisole can be worn all day long, tucked into denim, making it much better value for money than it seems. Available in sizes XS-XL.

This little set will have everyone fooled; it’s all business up top, party down below! And for under £15, you really can’t go wrong. Available in sizes 6-14.

This is my dream PJ set. I know it’s outrageously expensive, but I feel like it’s the boujee duo I need in my life one day. What makes it special is the ‘washable silk’ fabric, which makes wearing super smooth silk way more practical. And the top can double up as a sophisticated vest for everyday wear. Just let me live my best PJ dream life, OK. Available in sizes S-XL3.

A silky, dotty PJ top is a must to wear with slim fit jeans for the ultimate smart-casual look. Wear it with IRL trousers for drinks, and the PJ bottoms for your early morning Zoom. Oh, and it’s only £25 for the set. Available in sizes 6-22.

This incredibly chic PJ top will look brilliant on its own, as well as over a plain cami. Line your neck up with some eye-catching chains to finish the look. Available in sizes 2XL-4XL.

Available in sizes 3XL & 4XL.

This boujee set may set you back some real cash, but every woman (and man) deserves to splash out on a Desmond & Dempsey PJ set at some point in their life. This jaguar print could totally pass on Zoom, too. Available in sizes XS-XL.

I would 1000% wear this as a daytime shirt; I love the print! Imagine how amazing this would look with some matte red lipstick on your next video meeting! Available in sizes XS-L.

Available in sizes XS-L.

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