It all comes out in the wash! People share their hilariously relatable laundry fails – from exploding pillows to shrunken jumpers and disappearing socks

  • People from all over the world have shared their most hilarious laundry fails  
  • Includes a man from New York who gave his shrunk sweater to his cute dog
  • In Russia, woman learned the hard way never to put an anti-stress pillow in wash 
  • In France, a woman’s leather gloves were reduced to the size of her lipstick 

Doing the laundry is one of those mundane tasks that should be uneventful, but with the risk of shrinkage, tangled clothing and unwanted items left in pockets, things can easily go very wrong.  

From New York to Russia, these unfortunate people have suffered real headaches over the chore, thanks to faulty washing machines, bad luck or wrong settings. 

The funniest were collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, including a woman from Bruges, Belgium, who gasped in horror when all her white clothes emerged pink because of a stray crayon. 

Meanwhile, in Russia, another was devastated when their anti-stress pillow exploded in the machine, covering it in tiny polyester balls 

Don’t fancy cleaning that up! In Russia, someone learned the hard way never to put an anti-stress pillow full of polyester balls in the wash 

All tied up! A man believed to be from the US was shocked to find all his shirts had formed a knot while in the machine 

In Britain, this person showed what happened to her woolen sweater by wearing it as a balaclava 

That’s where they went! In the US, a couple finally solved the mystery of the disappearing socks after their machine ate dozens of pairs away  

All hell broke loose in this laundrette after a washing machine likely overheated and caught fire 

In the US, a boyfriend was horrified to find he had accidentally washed his girlfriend’s phone with the laundry 

In Los Angeles, one mother had a bad surprise when she realised she had left a pink crayola in her laundry load   

In Baltimore, a mother was horrified to find out how her children let their laundry hang using clips  

One mother from Texas made the most of a bad situation and gave her tween daughter’s sweater to her toddler

From glamour to grunge! A newscaster from Florida learned why you should always respect cleaning instructions on labels 

In New York, a bewildered man explained this six socks had been washed together, but that only one of them shrunk

In France, a woman’s thick gloves were reduced to the size of her lipstick and barely fitted her two fingers

A man believed to be from the US found out that his washing machine had broken while he was away at work 

A mother from Bruges was horrified when all her white towels, and a t-shirt were turned pink by a washing machine accident 

A US based man who had not done some laundry in a while recounted how a loo roll fell in his machine and ruined his clothes  

In the US, a woman learned why you should never put gloves in the wash, especially ones made of nubuck  

A woman from Arizona saw exactly what happens when someone pops a pillow full of feathers in the washing machine  

In the US, a man told the story of how a beloved yellow sweater shrank so much he gave it to his petite girlfriend 

In New York, a dog owner was quick to see the silver-lining to shrinking his sweater and gave it to his cute dog  

A woman was terrified when they opened their washing machine after cleaning pairs of rubber gloves 

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