One of the most lopsided things in the fashion world, there are loads of accessories for women in the market but men generally speaking tend to dress a lot more tamely. For that reason, if they want to stand out it is imperative that they make the most out of whatever accessories they decide to put on. The most common thing outside of clothes that guys don, watches are a wonderful opportunity to garner attention.

Depending on your personality, wearing something that gets people talking may feel like the best thing ever or the worst. If you fall in the first category and want to have something on that engages people, one of the best options is to have a flashy watch strapped around your wrist. However, many timepieces seem virtually indistinguishable and while they may look nice they are bound to be ignored. Fortunately, that is not always the case which is what inspired us to put together this list of 20 watches for men that are total conversation starters.

In order for a watch to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be distinctive for one reason or another. In fact, it needs to be so interesting at first glance that it seems likely to inspire people that see it to begin a discussion about what they are looking at. That said, for the purpose of this list, it makes absolutely no difference what about the timepiece is so remarkable as long as that is the case.

20 Seiko Active Matrix EPD e-Ink

A throwback to the digital watches of yore, the Seiko Active Matrix EPD e-Ink is far, far more than just a face with numbers on it, although it can display simple numbers along with the date. Instead, it can do things like display a map of your country with a dot for your location, feature playable games, and several other things. In short, when you enter a room with a watch that is displaying an image of a playing card someone is bound to take note and say something.

19 Panerai Luminor Marina

One of the most incredible watches out there, don’t get your hopes up about buying yourself a Panerai Luminor Marina unless you make a good living as they cost more that $11,000 US. A large watch that is hard to ignore for that reason alone, once anyone focus on this elegant timepiece they are bound to give it and the person wearing it respect. After all, its faux leather strap and classic look are infinitely appealing. On top of that, if you meet a watch aficionado the brand name alone will start up a lengthy conversation as Luminor is a very high-end brand.

18 Rolex Explorer II

The sole watch brand that even people that don’t care about these timepieces will likely recognize, this is the first of several Rolex watches that are included as a part of this list. An amazing watch as it combines the precision design that goes into any Rolex product with a more modern and sporty look, the Explorer II is perfect for looking good at casual events. On top of that, the stunning steel of this particular timepiece and the decision to exclude numbers and use symbols instead in addition to the brand name makes this product even more remarkable.

17 M-Theory Time and Space Zero Gravity Watch – Moonlight Leather

The perfect watch for anyone that loves space travel and wants to garner attention with their watch, the M-Theory Time and Space Zero Gravity Watch – Moonlight Leather is gimmicky but cool. Using a picture of the moon as the face plate, the hands of this watch are also unique as they are designed to look as though they are floating in the gravity free vacuum of space. On top of that, the dial glows in the dark which makes the floating in free space element of this watch make even cooler when nothing else is visible around it.

16 Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

Probably the most hated brand in the entire watch world, when Fitbits became all the rage it severely damaged the business model of most traditional timepiece companies. That said, there is still no doubt that they make functional digital watches that have appealed to the masses in a big way. Part of that is because in most cases, their products are designed to look thin and streamlined. The opposite of that, the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker is a block of a watch that could start conversations with both Fitbit enthusiasts and haters alike.

15 REC Mark I M1 Brown Silver

Perhaps the perfect watch for people that like everything about steampunk but want to pull a little bit back, the REC Mark I M1 Brown Silver looks industrial and sleek at the same time. Manufactured with a classic looking band and exterior to the watch, everything is fairly typical until you see the additional dials at the center of its face. Created to resemble the dashboard of the Mark I & II Minis, they furthered that effect by building the watch with pieces salvaged vroom the chassis of those classic cars. If the distinct look of this watch isn’t enough to get a conversation going then the connection to Minis certainly will.

14 Xeric Halograph Automatic Navy Limited Edition

One of the most unique watches on this list, the look of this particular timepiece is next to nothing like the norm. Notably different because of things like visible gears, its hands ending in loops that encircle the time and so much more, it simply looks cool. On top of that, once someone takes note of the watch you can then explain that it doesn’t need a battery or to be charged as it has a rotor that is spun whenever you walk with it. The watch then stores that kinetic energy and powers itself for up to 36 hours.

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13 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual

Considered by some watch devotees to be a brand that is “awfully close” to being “universally loved and respected,” the Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre name on this piece could gain the attention of those in the know. Of course, to be on this list you’re going to need more than that, however, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual has a lot going for it. A masterful combination of function and form, it reveals the date and time in style and also features a small image of the moon and stars which looks fanciful and lovely too.

12 Projects Nadir

Clearly created by a company that wanted to make a mark, the Projects Nadir has three hands of various sizes that indicate the hour, minutes, and seconds. An interesting enough idea, in addition to that the numbers are in the center of the face and bring to mind a guitar amp or home safe dial. Incredibly different in both the way it looks and how it works then almost any other timepiece on the market, that alone makes it great conversation fodder. When you then factor in the style of the numbers in the center reminding us of a bank heist movie this watch is pretty cool.

11 Xeric Soloscope Automatic Gunmetal Limited Edition

We’re just going to say it, this is an oddly designed watch. Right off the top, if we saw this watch in the public we would ask the wearer to explain to us exactly how it works. We say that because we are entirely unsure how its single hand can accurately display the hour and minute at the same time. On top of that, whoever made the decision to make it asymmetrical must have known what they were doing as we’re not sure if we hate or love that. Finally, we have no idea what that nob thing at the bottom is for but it certainly interests us.

10 Cartier Santos

From an incredibly odd watch to a classic but masterfully designed one, if someone in our life started wearing this watch we would talk about regularly. That is because we honestly feel like it is perfectly crafted to look as handsome as possible. Featuring numbers that are Roman numerals, with the seven stealthily including the Cartier name, the Santos also has tiny little screws that make it look like it was made by hand. In fact, the only thing we dislike about this piece is that its nearly $7,000 American price tag makes it incredibly likely we will never see it in person.

9 Paul Newman Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona

Without a doubt a sharp looking watch, this Rolex piece grabs the eye at first due to it being inspired by colors that have been seen in many Ferrari cars. Once, those colors cease to be the most noticeable part of the timepiece, you are then bound to be interested to see the Rolex branding. Finally, it becomes clear that the watch is based on one that Paul Newman used to wear, since the owner will bring up. In short, there are many reasons to continue focusing on this awesome accessory.

8 Casio Calculator Watch

One of the best conversation starters in the watch world for a couple of reasons, one thing is clear, the Casio Calculator Watch is probably not a great option for high-society events. Despite that, the fact that you are walking around with a calculator is more than enough to draw people in, as long as you don’t mind some of the reactions being negative ones. On top of that, the fact that this watch brings up so much nostalgia in the hearts of an entire generation makes it obvious that many people would be excited to see it again.

7 Nava Ora Unica Black 42mm

Something that at first looks like some kind of modern art piece, the Nava Ora Unica Black 42mm was designed by someone that makes classic items like lamps and furniture, but puts a unique twist on them. Lacking any kind of numbers or a face at all, the hands have also been replaced by something that looks like some kind of squiggle. However, once you learn that the two ends of it are how you tell the time, with the inside end pointing to the hour and the other side to the minute, it makes a lot more sense but is still pretty out there.

6 Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique

A watch that feels like it was designed to be a signal to the world, we can’t imagine anyone wearing it unless they are trying to nonverbally scream, look at me! Made all the more nuts by the fact that it reportedly was sold for more than $600,000 US, in no way can we understand spending that kind of money on the Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique.That said, we do think it is abundantly clear that this watch would be extremely effective at creating conversations. After all, the face that it lacks a face is interesting at the very least.

5 Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster

One of two watches on this list that can best be described as bling, the Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster is so shiny that it seems impossible to ignore. Featuring many real diamonds, a precious stone from a meteorite adorns the dial, the bezel is decorated with 42 baguette diamonds, and there is a sapphire in there too. Priced at $277,850 by the manufacturer, that price can also be a topic of discussion among people as well, especially since that price point seems entirely random.

4 ODM Hacker Gold

A watch with a title that we don’t really understand, we have no idea what makes this watch have anything to do with hacking but it certainly looks like gold. Its chosen color aside, despite the fact that it does feature hands it still reminds us of a sun dial in a lot of ways. On top of that, for some reason, it also makes us think of some kind of bowl from Roman times. That said, we realize fully that neither of those descriptions may make sense to every reader. That is because we think this watch’s design could be interpreted in many different ways. However, we believe it should never be called boring.

3 Qlocktwo W Black Leather

A pretty ingenious idea, to be honest, we’re pretty shocked that there aren’t more watches that find ways to reveal the time in written words without being oversized or digital. For that reason, when we discovered that this watch exists we zoomed in and looked at the combinations of letters to decipher the ways it could display the time at any given moment. Something we could easily see ourselves doing in real life if our friend showed up wearing the Qlocktwo W Black Leather, if that isn’t a conversation starter we don’t know what is.

2 Eone Bradley Classic Black Mesh

The perfect watch for minimalists, the Eone Bradley Classic Black Mesh is about as plain looking as possible while still being innovative as well. Inspired by a naval officer named Brad Snyder that lost his eyesight while overseas, he went on to win gold at the Paralympics in an incredible moment. A true hero, he left the designers at Eone thinking about a sleek and cool timepiece that the visually impaired could use. After tackling that problem they came up with this watch with two ball bearings whose position on a face you can feel and on the side of it tells the time.

1 Rolex GMT Master II Ice

Seriously, this watch is about as gaudy as anything can be. Named the Rolex GMT Master II Ice, even the name of it seems to be trying really hard in our view. That said, it is clear that featuring the word ice in its name makes a lot of sense since it clearly has an obscene amount of diamonds built into it. Made of white gold and decorated with a crazy amount of diamonds, looking at this timepiece will get people talking. On top of that, considering it was priced at $485,350, you’ll probably have security to talk to as well as any risk of it being stolen could ruin almost anyone.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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