No matter where you’re at in life, wanderlust is a feeling that never really subsides. You want to see the world, and if you’re lucky, your bae has the same travel goals as you do. Your trips together never go undocumented, even if it’s a simple weekend getaway to a nearby city. But for those bigger adventures that might require a new stamp on your passport, you’ll need travel quotes for couples to post on the ‘Gram.

As much as Mother Nature provides breathtaking scenery for all of your pictures, a great caption ties it all together. Those bucket list locations will ultimately leave you and bae speechless. When you’re surrounded by a captivating new environment, staring at your phone trying to think of the right caption is the last thing you want be doing. Being prepared with a few quotes on standby will allow you two to fully live in the moment and appreciate the beauty around you.

Exploring the Rocky Mountains for the first time, or hitting up the surf and sand in the Maldives? There’s a caption for all of your epic adventures, and your followers will have no other choice but to swoon. These caption ideas truly describe the vibes you get when exploring a new place for the first time. You and your partner may already be packed and ready to go, but leave a little extra room for these awesome captions.

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