The life of a celebrity is always challenging. They are exposed to various types of publicity and are also the most talked about personalities. People are eager to speak both good and bad about them. Now, there are some real golden-hearted people in Hollywood, who cares a lot for the society. Earning in millions is, of course, an achievable affair, but spending them for a good cause requires some great hearts, who have the willingness to give with an open heart. There are various charitable organizations which are supported continuously by these Hollywood celebs.

These great hearts take some time out from their busy schedule to be with the lesser fortunate ones, endorsing for a great cause, financing an organization, arranging fundraising events, and finally being associated with a noble reason is indeed praiseworthy. Many celebs create a trust where people can contribute money for excellent reasons. We have seen various celebs who arrange a breakfast party or might be autographing a T-shirt for charity purpose. They perform road shows or do screening for a particular cause. You might even see celebrities raising their voice for animal rights or to stop domestic violence. Some Hollywood actors might prefer a charity walk to raise funds. In fact, there are various reasons for the Hollywood actors to support a good cause. With popularity, they also have a great social responsibility and an instance to cite in front of the public.

In this read, we have tried to find out some well-known Hollywood stars who have a significant role to play as social heroes. These lion-hearts of Hollywood have done great things that can be talked about and cherished with others.


Tori Kelly is a talented American actress, singer and record producer who posted her videos on YouTube to gain recognition. In 2012, she broke into the Billboard chart with her very home production album Handmade Songs. She earned the No. 2 spot on Billboard 200 through her first solo song Nobody Love from her very first album Unbreakable Smile. She was also nominated for the 58th Grammy Awards.

Besides her successful career as a singer, she has a great heart to donate her wealth for great purposes. She helps organizations like Feeding America, Make A Wish Foundation, Pencils of Promise, and National Park Foundation. Tori also supports causes like cancer, children’s welfare, conservation, education, hunger eradication, health, poverty and miscellaneous. She donated to the various organizations even without the slightest thought proving that she does have a big heart for helping people.(


He is an Australian singer, producer, and actor who won many awards including a Tony award and Emmy award. Hugh has a knack of donating a lot of his earnings in global poverty projects to eradicate poverty. He along with his wife Debora Lee Furness served as honorary chairs to a committee of 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Hugh founded the Laughing Man Worldwide charity that followed his Laughing Man, coffee shop in 2011, which was also the beginning of his foundation.

He supported various charities and foundations like Actors fund of America, Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Aid Still Required, and Operation Of Hope, and many more. He also supports various reasons like adoption, fostering, looking after orphans, and battling against diseases. (


She is an American actress, producer, director, and writer. She began her career in theatre productions and made her screen debut in an episode of Law and Order. She is the Golden Globe winner for her performance in Jane the Virgin.

To help support less fortunate young women in making their dreams come true, Gina founded the We Will Foundation which is specially designed to lay emphasis on arts education.

She also received the Young Humanitarian Award for such initiative. Gina’s non-profit organization, though in its nascent stage has been making a significant contribution especially in promoting art education for women. Rodriguez believes that art as an intriguing element can be very well utilized in empowering and uplifting race, gender, and other social taboos. (Source:

22 GEORGE and philanthropy

George Clooney is an American actor, director, producer, and activist. Three times Golden Globe awards winner, Clooney supports charities and foundations like 21st-Century Leaders, American Foundation for Equal Rights, Care, UNICEF, Not On Our Watch, Red Cross, One Campaign, World Food Programme, Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Make Poverty History, and many others.

George also supports causes that battle diseases, as well as supporting animal rights and equal rights for people. He also supports charitable organizations like United Way and Make it Right. He not only possesses a nice heart but for all the charitable organizations he is working for, he extended his full support. George is also a part of Screen Actors Guild Foundation and Entertainment Industry Foundation. (


David Khari Webber Chappelle is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He began his career in Mel Books. Chapel returned to performing comedy in the US. Chappelle loves doing charity work and shows his support for anything involving children.

Chappelle raised $30000 for a charitable cause, in which fans were able to take photos with him, and he even served them breakfast!

Chappelle mentioned that he is humbled by the amount of support his friends showed to him. Dave appreciated the crowd and the attitude of the people who came to see him. The money raised due to charity was meat for the Timberwolves Fast Break Foundation, in Minnesota that supports kids & teenagers. (Source:

20 KEANU helps through hockey

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor, director-producer, and musician. His first movie was Youngblood, and the first drama was River’s edge. Since his sister’s passing, he has taken a great interest in helping the battle against cancer.

The actor who is 54 years old, also donates to Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment ( SCORE), a charitable organization that supports people who play hockey with spinal disabilities.

He also set up a cancer research center for kids. Keanu Reeves has been doing charitable work for years and donated millions to support these charities. He also made significant donations for PETA, Sick Kids Foundation, and more. (


Ryan Thomas Gosling is an actor and musician who begun his career as a child star and appeared in other entertainment channels. He is known for his role in the Notebook and The Believer. He supported some charities for PETA, Sick Kids Foundation, Mercy for Animals, Silver Lake Conservatory for Music, and The Art of Elysium.

He has recently been involved in the act of releasing chickens from their cages, in an effort to save them, which is something that his fans adore about him.

Ryan thinks that while the corporations are meeting the public demands for food transparency, in terms of what goes into their food, they are not being clear about what they are doing to the chickens. It clearly proves that his attitude towards animal rights is truly motivating. (

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He is an American actor, producer, and musician. He bagged the Golden Globe award and got nominated for three Academy Awards. Johnny donated his hard earned money for various charitable works like Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Dogs deserve better, Project Home, Sophie’s gift, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Unite for Japan and War Child.

Besides that, Johnny has been donating for causes that involve children, disaster relief, cancer research, environment, animals, human rights and many others. Johnny is truly sensitive to children and has even created a film in which the proceeds went to the a centre for children who are suffering from disease. (


She’s an American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. She’s known for her amazing voice with which she has received high standings on the Billboard charts, and has 12 Grammy awards to prove her talent.

She is the Global ambassador, and co-founder of Keep A Child Alive, a non-profit organization engaged in providing medicines to disease affected families in Africa.

She documented her visit to many African nations with children affected by diseases and released the video in 2008. The documentary was named Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland. She also performed to help support Hurricane Katrina victims as well as for the Haiti earthquake victims. In fact whenever any disaster strikes Keys is the first to act. Alicia bagged a Humanitarian Award in 2009.  (Source:


She’s a talented American singer, actress, and songwriter. Lovato’s album Here We Go Again earned the No.1 spot on Billboard 200. In spite of her struggles with multiple illnesses, she wastes no time in supporting charities.

Demi supports charities like A Day Made Better, Red Cross, Me to We, City of Hope, SAMHSA, Kids Wish Network,,, Free the children and Shoe Revolt. Demi Lovato works to shed a light on problems, and try to fix problems in concerns of bullying, disaster relief, cancer, education, creative arts, environment, mental illness, business support, human rights, physical challenges, and many others. She also extends her support to causes like poverty, homelessness, violence. Demi joined forces with Save The Children for bringing a heart program to Iraq. She also championed mental health with an advocacy organization. (


He is an English actor, and best known for his role in Harry Potter. Although Daniel has been doing a lot of charity work, his favourite has to do with Demelza house. He signed in many objects for auction in the Luke Neuhedel foundation. Daniel autographed one green room book which raised over $34,000.

The Harry Potter star also endorses any issue that’s related to disaster relief, education, environment, family, grief support, health, homelessness and human rights.

He has a great heart and wishes to help all underprivileged folks with his hard earned money. Daniel autographed and donated his Hogwarts crew T-shirt, which he sported while making the Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s stone. The funds raised then proceeded towards various noble causes. Radcliffe also autographed handwritten books and then auctioned them off for charity. He also helped raise money for rebuilding Sri Lanka.(


Matt Damon is an American actor, producer, philanthropist, and scriptwriter. He is ranked as one the most bankable stars. Damon supports ONE CAMPAIGN that supports the fight against disease and poverty. He’s the ambassador for ONE Exone, the non-profit organization.

He supports charitable organizations like African Children’s Choir, American Humane Association, Not on our Watch, Red Cross, Right to Play, Save the Children, Stand up for Gus, Unicef, Unite for Japan, War child and War Foundation. He also supports causes like physical challenges, poverty, fair trade, family support, health and human rights.(


Tom is an American actor and filmmaker. He is also known for his comedy and dramatic roles in various films. He has a massive heart for playing various charitable roles. He took part in America: A Tribute to Heroes. Tom serves on the Board of Governors in the National Space Society. He advocates the search for alternative fuels thereby supporting environmental protection.

The various charities that Tom supports include – Madison foundation, Muhammed Ali Foundation Center, ONE Campaign, Red Cross, Robinhood, and Joining forces. If you think the list has ended, you are wrong because Tom has the heart for doing more for the society. (


Steve is an American actor and director. He starred and supported in various successful Hollywood and indie films. He acted in What happened to Pete, Trees Lounge, Animal Factory, Lonesome Jim, and Interview. He supported causes for Action Against Hunger, ONE Campaign, Collaboration Foundation, Screen Actors Guild Foundation, and Global Fund for Women.

The actor supported various causes including  disaster relief, human rights, economic support, poverty, business support, and more. He also supports charities like Action Against hunger, ONE Campaign, Screen Actors Guild Foundation and Global Fund For Women. He is a known face in various media coverage for supporting noble causes.(


Jami is an American actress known for her early roles in films like the Crossroads, Less Than Zero, Quicksilver, and The Lost Boys. Jami is also known for running a charitable organization named Ressler–Gertz Foundation with her hubby Anthony. The husband-wife duo made donations worth $10,569,662 to the foundation, out of which the largest grant goes to Los Angeles county museum and then to the Cedar Sinai medical center ($400,000).

The donation made them the No.1 most generous celebrities in the The Giving Back Fund list which is a non-profit organization tracking charitable donations across the world.

The couple also helped the foundation of  Painted Turtle Camp, a California based care center for kids and family. Also, the couple is known for making donations to Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. (


Mel is an American actor and filmmaker and known for being an action hero. Mel Gibson has credited his directors for teaching him acting skills. He acted in 43 films including Mad Max and the Lethal Weapon series. Mel donated 10 million dollars to help out hospitals and seriously ill children.

He met with Mexican President Vincent Fox in October 2005 and announced he would be giving $1 million in donations to Mexico to help support the victims of Hurricane Stan.

Mel Gibson supported charities like Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Declare Yourself and Mending Kidz Center. Mel donated $500,000 towards FARE’s work where he is currently serving as one of the board members and spokesperson. With an array of charitable contributions, Mel is undoubtedly a great humanitarian and a real-life hero. (


Tom is one of the most popular American actors and producers who made his debut with Endless Love. Tom’s been nominated for three Academy Awards and three Golden Globe awards. Tom was awarded for his significant philanthropic contributions in March 2007. After he was cured of dyslexia, he became the founding member of the Hollywood education and literacy project.

Tom supports charities and foundation like Lollipop Theatre Network, Mentor LA, H.E.L.P., Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Stocking with Care, and UNICEF. He received the Excellence in Mentoring Award in 2003. He supported Raising Malawi and Stockings With Care. He continues to donate to charities that require his assistance, always being sure that his money goes to something good, instead of always keeping it for himself. (


Paul Walker is an American actor known for his role as Brian in the Fast and Furious movies. He founded REACH OUT in 2010 after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Paul passed away when he was involved in an unfortunate car accident in 2013.

Paul’s daughter, Meadow continued her father’s legacy through launching a charity.

She is doing her best to help out nature, giving money to those who are trying to help keep the ocean clean. The fund from this non-profit organization goes to REACH OUT 2010 which is used for the cause of disaster relief. His spontaneous goodwill is carried on still today and the legacy being carried forward by his successor. (


Robin was an American stand up actor, comedian and television star. He had a great knack to stand up for noble causes which is why he took part in America: A Tribute To Heroes. Robin also acted in We Are Amused comedy night, the proceeds of which went to the Prince’s Trust. He was one of the many eminent people who reflected symptoms of Attention Deficit Order (ADF).

Although Robin is no longer with us, his charity works will continue to be relevant, as he changed what it meant to be an actor in Hollywood. It was more than just acting a part, it was being a good human off the screen too. 

He contributed to the American Heart Association, Livestrong, Love Our Children USA, Malaria No More, Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center, and more. His wonderful deeds will be forever remembered, just as much as his acting. (


Jack Black is an American actor, musician, and comedian had an extensive career and starred in various comedy films. He works for causes that are against abuse and disease, while fighting for rights amongst both people and animals.

He also works for organizations like Alzheimer’s Organization, Autism Speaks, MusiCares, Children in Need, and Save the Children. There is no end to the list of charities that he offers help. He supported Sherry Lansing Foundation, Stand up to Cancer, Boys and Girls Club of America, Room to Read, Hilarity for Charity, Make A Wish Foundation, Stand up to Cancer, and Years of Living Dangerously. (


Angelina Jolie, is a multi-talented American actress, humanitarian, and filmmaker. She received academy awards, screen actor guild awards, and three golden globe award. She donates a chunk of her money for charitable purposes. She became aware of worldwide humanitarian crisis while filming Tomb Raider. Jolie has been in field missions, and they meet with refugees and people who are internally displaced.

The Jolie Pitt Foundation works towards rural poverty eradication, natural resource protection, and wildlife conservation is dedicated to the internally displaced persons.

She donated 1 million dollars to the foundation Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian organization that is operative in almost 60 countries. The organization primarily helps those whose survival is threatened by violence, catastrophe, neglect and armed conflict (


Jackie Chan is a martial art specialist, artist, actor, director, stuntman, and singer. He appeared in over 150 films. He is an enthusiastic supporter of organizations like UNICEF, Operation Smile, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and many more.

The great hearted man donated $36million to help people across the globe, from Haiti to Singapore. He supports organizations like Action in Mental Health, Red Cross, Rotary International, Save China’s Tigers, The Salvation Army, Wild Aid and Wild Smile Foundation. He really is one of the good ones. (


She is an American actress and singer (yes, you heard us). She is perhaps one of the highest paid actresses in the world. She won a BAFTA award and was awarded the Golden Globe award. She has a knack for charity.

She helped the hurricane victims by dishing out food from the USA harvest, devoted to homeless people.

Her visit to Rwanda in 2008 was aimed towards increasing consciousness towards diseases. She is a dedicated supporter of Soles4soles and has donated 2000 shoes for those who cannot afford them. She supports organizations to fight many diseases, and is a speaker for gender equality. Scarlett Johansson is not only a pretty face but also a role model to everyone. (


Drew Barrymore is a popular American actress, director, and model. She also has a great heart for the underprivileged. She supported charities like Red Cross, Shop for charity, SPCA, The Rescue Train, UNICEF, and more.

She went to Kenya to help the United Nations. She established the Barrymore Learning Center in which her philanthropic work is focused on the development of children.

She is ready to support any cause for the sake of children. In an interview with Parade, she admitted that one of the reasons why she does all this, is to make sure her daughter grows up seeing her do this, and gets inspired to do the same. (


Will is an American actor, rapper, producer, comedian, and songwriter. Winner of Golden Globe and Grammy awards, Will Smith loves to serve charitable organizations and stand up for noble causes.

Will and his other half Jada Pinkett Smith founded the Will And Jada Smith Family Foundation that helps in taking care of the city development works and youth educational projects.

He was actively involved in hosting the Nelson Mandela benefit concert of South Africa. He played a significant role in America: A tribute To Heroes, which is a charity event for the unfortunate victims of 9/11 mishap. (

These Hollywood celebs will always remain as an inspiration to the public. Let’s follow them and agree that we all should create some instances, to be remembered for a lifetime.

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