Owning a Barbie doll is a rite of passage for many young girls. It’s something that has been seen as a huge part of growing up for girls over the past century. Interestingly, many of these dolls were quite expensive to buy at that time, but have only continued to gain value in the years that have followed.

Barbie dolls are seen as some of the most popular toys in the world and are believed to have sold around 1 billion since the toys debuted on the market more than half a century ago. The toy has become popular in more than 150 countries and in recent years some of the rarest dolls have become the most valuable.

The first ever Barbie doll commercial aired back in 1959 and the dolls were later released to the public for the first time and ever since then, these dolls have taken over the world. Even though the original dolls have long since been forgotten, they are thought to be worth a lot of money in auction right now (if there are people out there who have kept them in good condition over the past 50 years).

Anyone who still owns their childhood toys or has handed them down to their own children will want to look at the following list closely, since these are the 30 rarest and most expensive Barbie dolls in the world right now. If anyone has these lying around it might be worth having them valued.

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29 Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie – $1,600

The Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie doll was released back in 2006, but despite only being on the market for 12 years, this doll is already considered to be one of the most expensive, since it’s worth an incredible $1,600.

This doll is unique, as it’s signed by Filipino-American fashion designer and creative director Monique Lhuillier. It is now seen as a collector’s item, despite being one of the youngest dolls on the list and one of the few standout dolls that have been created in the 2000s.

28 Violette Barbie  – $1,750

The platinum edition Violette Barbie doll was released back in 2005 as part of the fashion model collection but since just 999 of the stunning doll were released, this has become another sought-after toy.

The doll was designed by Robert Best and released at the beginning of the year, but over the past decade, this is another doll that has gained value and is now believed to be worth around $1,750 if it is still in mint condition and in its box.

27 Marie Antoinette Barbie – $2,000

Released back in 2003, the gold label Marie Antoinette Barbie doll was part of The Women of Royalty Series that was created by Barbie that year and also included the likes of Cleopatra and Elizabeth the Great. This was another limited release but is also a stunning doll that has been designed to look exactly like the former Queen of France.

History fans will definitely want to pick this up for their collection, but with a price tag of around $2,000, it would definitely be an expensive addition for any collector.

26 Winter Glamour White Barbie – $2,000

As part of the Barbie convention back in 2006, the company opted to release another exclusive doll to celebrate. This time only 15 Winter Glamour White Barbie dolls were released and even though they’re only 12 years old, they have become super rare.

The Winter Glamour Doll is one of many limited edition Barbie dolls that can be found on eBay, but anyone who is looking to purchase this doll will be expected to pay something in the region of $2,000 for the privilege.

25 Gold Jubilee Prototype Barbie – $2,000

To mark Barbie doll’s 35th anniversary, designer Carol Spencer created Gold Jubilee Barbie, who was released back in 1994. As with many of Barbie’s anniversary celebratory dolls, this was another limited release and it has meant that the Gold Jubilee Prototype Barbie has garnered a lot of attention from fans over the years.

Even though this limited edition doll is quite far down the list, it is still considered to be a rare collector’s item and believed to be worth around $2,000.

24 Chicago Cubs Barbie – $2,000

Barbie has been released in a number of interesting outfits over the years, but one of the rarest and most sought-after outfits that Barbie was ever dressed in was released back in 2000 and showed Barbie as a Chicago Cub. This was a limited release doll that is now considered to be extremely rare with the cheapest of these dolls selling for around $1,800 whilst the versions of this doll that are still in good condition can sell for around $2,000.

23 Cher Ringmaster Barbie – $2,000

Singer Cher’s Ringmaster Barbie doll was released back in 2007 and given the fact that it was a limited release, these dolls have picked up a lot of value over the past year. Some dolls are selling for around $500 on eBay but if you have a doll that’s in great condition and has never been removed from its original box then you could earn around $2,000 for this doll, if you decided to cash in on this collector’s item.

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22 NASCAR Official Barbie – $2,293

Nascar’s official Barbie doll was released back in 1999 and the design was inspired by racing champion, Bill Elliott. This was another limited edition doll, that is worth in the region of $2,300 but could be worth more if it’s in mint condition in its box.

There are many of these dolls currently for sale on eBay, but not many of these are still in their box. It is believed that the value is based on the dolls that are still in mint condition in their original packaging.

21 Summer Splendor Enchanted Seasons Barbie – $2,495

The limited edition Summer Splendor Enchanted Seasons Barbie doll was released more than two decades ago back in 1996 and is one of the most visually pleasing dolls that Barbie has ever created. The doll is looking very summery as she sports a flowing yellow dress with a matching umbrella and hat. Since this was a limited release doll, it became quite a popular one and current valuation estimates that it’s worth around $2,500.

20 Phillipp Plein 50th Anniversary Platinum Barbie – $2,500

Barbie collector and Rock and Roll couturier Phillipp Plein was selected to create his own Barbie doll back in 2009, which has since become a collector’s item after it was released as part of the world’s biggest toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany. This was a 50th Anniversary exclusive doll that Barbie commissioned Plein to make but only 999 dolls were actually released as part of the celebrations, which could be why it has recently been valued at $2,500, as there is a limited amount in circulation.

19 Hair Happenin’s Barbie – $2,500

The 1971 Hair Happenin’s Barbie was a department store exclusive at that time and was only actually made for a year, which is why she has become so hard to find. This doll was one of the only ones that weren’t in the 1971 Mattel catalog, which is why she has become one of the forgotten dolls.

Anyone that currently owns this doll could earn themselves up to $2,500 at auction since it’s reported that this is the 47-year-old doll’s current value.

18 A Date with Barbie in Atlanta – $2,500

As part of the National Barbie Doll Convention back in 1998, the Date with Barbie Atlanta doll was released, but she was another limited release since there are only 25 of this doll in circulation.

This was a doll that was only released as part of the convention and anyone who was given one of these dolls for their part in the 1998 show could be holding on to a doll that’s worth up to $2,500. It’s expected that the value will continue to increase given that this doll is already two decades old.

17 City Smart Silkstone Barbie – $2,995

The City Smart Silkstone Barbie doll was only released back in 2003, but the thing that allows this doll to stand out is the fact that it’s a Japan exclusive. Only 600 were actually released, which is why it’s one of the rarer ones on this list.

The doll’s fashion was designed especially for the Silkstone Barbie doll body and definitely makes this one of the more classy dolls on the market with a value of $2,995.

16 Blonde Bubble Cut Barbie – $2,999

Back in 1962 the Blonde Bubble Cut Barbie wearing a red swimsuit similar to Pam’s Baywatch outfit was released to the public. The bubble-cut was iconic throughout the 1960s and this doll was one of the only Barbie products that sported this hairstyle.

The fact that it’s one of the earliest Barbie dolls to be created definitely works in its favor since it’s now one of the vintage Barbie collection and it’s most recent value has been recorded to be almost $3,000.

15 Pink Jubilee Barbie – $2,999

Barbie celebrated their 30th Anniversary back in 1989 and one of the dolls that the company decided to release to mark the occasion was Pink Jubilee Barbie. Only 1200 of these dolls were released and over the past few decades many have been lost or broken, which is why the value has continued to increase since the doll is now rarer than it has ever been.

This doll is currently for sale on eBay for $2,999, which seems like a bargain for a doll this rare, compared to some of the dolls on this list.

14 Bild Lilli Hausser Barbie – $3,200

Bild Lilli was a German fashion doll that actually launched a few years before Barbie back in 1955 and continued to distribute dolls until the company was brought out by Mattel in 1964. The Bild Lilli Hausser doll was released back in 1964 and has recently been valued at $3,200.

A German brochure believed to be from the 1950s states that there were around 130,000 different Bild Lilli dolls made but there definitely aren’t as many in circulation anymore.

13 Career Girl Barbie – $3,495

The Japanese exclusive midge Barbie doll known as “Career Girl” has become a collector’s item over the past few years, given the fact that it was only released in Japan. Given the way the doll was released to the public, there isn’t a lot of information regarding the date that the doll was created, but the cloud of secrecy surrounding this vintage doll has only made it more valuable with the most recent sale of this doll being recorded at an impressive $3,495.

12 American Girl Barbie – $3,500

One of the earlier Barbie dolls that were released was the 1966 American Girl doll, which was released back in 1966. This American Girl came dressed in shorts and a striped shirt and was made to look like an everyday girl.

After Barbie had released so many dolls in ballgowns looking elegant the year before, this was a slight change and was the first doll that allowed the buyer to be able to bend their legs. Variants of this doll have been sold for around $3,500 in recent years.

11 Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie – $5,000

The aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie was created and given as a present to the chairpeople who were on the committee for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, which was held in Michigan.

This isn’t a doll that has been sold worldwide, since Barbie actually only created 30 of these variations and even though it’s seen as a standard doll, the fact that it’s so rare is the reason why it has been known to sell for around $5,000 in the past.

10 Sweet Dreams No. 2 Brunette Barbie – $5,500

Whilst there are many collectors who have been focused on the original Barbie doll over the past few decades, it appears that this isn’t the only doll from this time period that is considered to be quite valuable.

The second Barbie doll, Sweet Dreams No 2, sold to a mystery bidder at an auction back in 2010 for an astonishing $5,500. The doll was still in original packaging and came with a diary, apple, open toe mules and alarm clock, which could explain the hefty price.

9 Karl Lagerfeld Barbie – $6,000

German designer Karl Lagerfeld was immortalized in plastic back in 2014 when Mattel launched the platinum label limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll. The release was limited to just 999 dolls, which could be why this has become one of the rarest and most sought-after dolls. When the doll was first released, stocks ran out in more than an hour and many have since surfaced at auction with the most recent being valued at around $6,000, which isn’t a bad price for a doll that is less than four years old.

8 Lorraine Schwartz Barbie – $7,500

World renowned jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz is the brain behind this beautiful doll that was released back in 2010. Schwartz added more than $25,000 of diamonds to her red-haired Barbie, which means that the $7,500 price tag is actually a bargain.

The doll is seen wearing a little black dress with a diamond encrusted ‘B’ on her waistline. The most recent auction saw this doll sell for $7,500, which makes it one of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world.

7 Barbie In Midnight Pink – €8,557

There are many serious Barbie collectors out there, but back in 2006 two Dutch women decided to put their entire private collection of Barbie dolls up for auction and one of the most expensive dolls that was found in this collection was Barbie wearing Midnight Pink from 1965.

This 40-year-old doll was sold for a stunning €8,557 at auction later that year and has now become one of the rarest and most expensive dolls of its kind in the world.

6 The Blonds Pink Diamond Barbie – €13,443

Diamonds have been added to a number of Barbie dolls over the years to revive some of the rarest and most stunning creations, fashion designer duo ‘The Blonds’ were even able to create their own Barbie Doll back in 2012. The doll was decked out in pink diamonds, the color that Barbie had become famous for, and a dress that was similar to a dress that they designed a few years earlier.

This stunning doll went on to sell for €13,443 at auction, with the money raised reportedly going to a charitable cause.

5 Gala A Bend Barbie – $13,673

Interestingly, this doll was released back in 1965 but unlike many other dolls that were released that year, this one was exclusive to Europe and Japan. This was also another doll that was sold back in 2006 at a private auction after it was part of the world’s largest private collection of Barbie dolls.

Considering its age and condition, $13,673 seems a fair price for one of the most iconic and expensive Barbie Dolls that was designed by Anne Marie Crivell.

4 Barbie In Midnight Red – $17,091

Back in 2006 when “Barbie In Midnight Red” was sold at auction, she became the most expensive doll in the world at more than $17,000. Of course, this is a record that has been broken numerous times over in the past 12 years, but this doll is still considered to be inside the top 5 most expensive Barbie’s ever created.

Much like Barbie in Midnight Blue and Midnight Pink, this doll was released back in 1965 and was then sold at auction from a private collection back in 2006.

3 The Original Barbie Doll – up to $27,000

As already stated, Barbie released their first doll back in 1959 and over the past few years, this doll has definitely increased in value. Whilst the original doll only cost around $3 to buy, this has become a rare collector’s item that can now only be picked up at an auction.

Collectors would be expected to pay between $8,000 and $27,000, depending on the condition of the doll if they were hoping to get their hands on a piece of history.

2 Barbie and the Diamond Castle – $95,000

As part of the promotion for the movie Barbie and The Diamond Castle, Mattel released a special edition doll, which was decked out in diamonds. The doll is seen in a pink ballgown wearing a tiara but even though this looks like all the other regular Barbie dolls, it is actually worth $95,000.

The doll and the movie were released back in 2008, which means that incredibly this could only continue to rack up its value in the coming years.

1 Stefano Canturi Barbie – $302,500

The Stefano Canturi Barbie was released back in 2010 and was another doll that was part of the Mattel/jeweler collaboration. The doll is seen wearing a little black dress and hand designed jewels, which are a combination of Australian pink diamonds and three carats of white diamonds. It’s no surprise that this doll costs around $302,500.

This doll is considered to be the rarest and most expensive in the world since it costs more than many people would spend on a house.

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