One-click purchasing made this little boy’s toy dreams come true!

Five-year-old Alijah from Tampa, Florida, went on a $960 shopping spree on Amazon while his grandmother Maria Celestine was on vacation.

“He was home with my parents, his great-grandparents,” Celestine tells PEOPLE of Alijah’s online activities on his Kindle, which had her Amazon login information programmed on it.

“He was clicking on multiple toys, including swords and guns, he liked. My mother didn’t think anything of it,” says Celestine.

Turns out, much to the grandmother’s surprise, there was a mountain of boxes at her front door when she returned home from vacation.

“There were probably 40 boxes I had to return,” she recalls.

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“It was an accident, that happens,” adds Celestine, who cautions other guardians and family members to double and triple check the right parental controls.

Along with returning the over three dozen purchases, Alijah’s grandmother also returned his Kindle.

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