Here’s everything you need to know about Adam Rippon, the Olympic figure skater now competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

1.) Adam Rippon, 28, is an American figure skater now competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘. He participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics on Team USA and took home a bronze medal as part of the figure skating team. Even better? Adam was the first openly gay athlete from the United States to win a medal at the Olympics. Now that’s how you make history!

2.) Adam was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He’s the oldest of six children to his parents, Kelly and Rick Rippon. Adam was born with severe hearing loss, too, but underwent surgery right before turning one year old. The surgery took place at Yale University, and since then Adam’s hearing has been almost perfect.

3.) His skating career started when he was just 10 years old. This is due to the fact his mom, Kelly, liked to ice skate and would often bring Adam to the rink to skate alongside her. He began professional coaching in 2010 under Yelena Sergeeva. In the 2004 season, Adam won a silver medal in the novice level competition for the U.S. Championships. From there, Adam went on to compete in Tokyo, Bulguria and more! All of this leading up to his first Olympics in 2018, obviously.

4.) Adam is about to bring it on ‘DWTS: Athletes Edition’. It was announced on April 13, 2018 that Adam would be joining the cast alongside major athlete names like Tonya Harding, Johnny Damon and more. His partner? Pro-dancer, Jenna Johnson.

5.) He came out in 2015. Adam made his sexuality official in an issue of SKATING magazine in October that year. Later, before the 2018 Winter Olympics, Adam expressed concern about Vice President Mike Pence being named the leader of the US Delegation due to his history of being an actively supportive of anti-gay policies.

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