And the judge cuts continue! Country legend Martina McBride joins the third round of judge cuts as a guest judge. Find out which acts make it through with our recap!

Only 7 spots are available for the 18 acts performing in the third round of judge cuts, so the competition is at an all-time high. The Savitsky Cats are up first. The ladies and the kitties up the stakes with a really fun show, with the cats jumping and walking backwards. The ladies hope to create a cat theater in America, but Simon Cowell thinks they can go bigger, possibly a TV show or a cat soap opera!

The next acts have the judges disagreeing left and right. Blue Tokyo has Simon and Mel B wanting more, and the judges have differing opinions about the OC Music & Dance group. As for the PAC Dance Team, the high school group, they want to prove Howie wrong since he gave them a no in their first audition. The group goes with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Despite their high energy routine, Howie is still not a fan. “This show is so much more than a high school dance team,” he says. Ouch, Howie. Simon disagrees with Howie and hopes to see them again.

Angel Garcia, 12, returns to the stage to since Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” in Spanish. Heidi Klum and Martina give the tween a standing ovation. Howie’s a bit nit picky, but Martina loves Angel! Next up is Jeffrey Li, 13. His nerves are understandably on edge. He decides to sing “One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston. He hits some incredible high notes. Simon tells him that this song choice shouldn’t have worked, but he “did really well.”

The nerves become overwhelming for other contestants as well, including singers Ms. Trysh and Kazi. Dancing duo Quin & Misha arrive to shake things up. Quin is about to turn 71 years old, but she’s still got some serious moves. Quin and her partner’s performance leaves Martina stunned. She calls it a “remarkable performance.” She loves it so much that she gives the duo her Golden Buzzer!

Glee alum Noah Guthrie takes the stage to continue his second chance journey. He starts off with a fine song, but Simon stops him midway through his performance. He’s not feeling it. Noah goes with his second choice song, which is The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post.” His second try is beyond amazing. “You have it,” Howie tells Noah. Simon adds that he doesn’t think “we’ve come close” to how good Noah could be.

Teeterboard duo act Jules & Jerome return, but the judges aren’t too impressed with their second performance. Brothers Fratelli Rossi come back to AGT ready to shock the judges yet again. During their first audition, one of the brothers fell, so they’re hoping that doesn’t happen again. But they’re not holding back. Their performance is jaw-dropping. They even try and succeed in performing their “most difficult and dangerous trick” — WHILE BLINDFOLDED!

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