Aldi has launched a robot vacuum cleaner that’s far cheaper than big-name versions.

If you’ve ever shaken your fist at your bulky vacuum cleaner for leaving you with a sore back, a robot might be the best option.

You can charge it up then sit back as your robot pal does the hard work for you, no pushing required – apart from prodding the remote control buttons.

The problem with a lot of robot vacuum cleaners, though, is the price.

The Roomba S Series – the brand’s top model – starts at £1,199.99, while their cheapest edition is £249.99.

There are cheaper options out there – we’ve tried out the Eufy RoboVac, which comes in at £189.99 – but now Aldi has stepped into the ring with an even more budget-friendly option.

The Aldi Easy Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is available now as a SpecialBuy for £129.99.

The product description claims that the product will let you ‘step into the future of easy fuss-free cleaning’, working automatically or by remote control, cleaning up to corners and easily going underneath hard-to-reach furniture.

While the Roomba has smart navigation logic, creating a memory map of your home and thus allowing you to ask it to only clean your kitchen, for example, Aldi’s version works by using anti-collision sensors and anti-fall sensors, so it will bumble around your place, cleaning as it goes.

Other key features are the vacuum’s four cleaning modes, HEPA filter, and a self-charging setup that means it can race back to its port when it’s low on battery.

But even though it’s cheaper than many competitors, £129.99 is still quite a bit of money to be spending – so is the robot vacuum cleaner worth it?

Which? says yes… sort of.

They note that the charging time of four to six hours for 90 minutes of cleaning is on the slow side, and points to competitors’ smarter app navigation systems that offer a more ‘set and forget approach’.

There are cheaper robot vacuums available. A quick search on Amazon reveals one for £27.99, although we can’t verify whether that’s up to the job of cleaning up pet hair, cereal spills, and so on.

The Aldi version might be an easy first option for anyone who fancies trying out a robot vacuum without spending a load of money, and who wants to stick with a brand they know and trust.

As Which? says: ‘The price is certainly appealing and you do get a lot for your money. If you want to dip your toe in the world of robot vacs, or take the edge off between weekly cleans, it could be worth a go.’

If you do fancy buying the Aldi robot vacuum cleaner, you can get it online from today.

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