Oh, no! ‘American Idol’ couple, Cade and Gabby, were taken by surprise when Ryan Seacrest totally outed their romance on live television.

Two of American Idol‘s favorites, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett, are also totally in love. However, they definitely weren’t expecting their relationship to become to focus of the Sunday, April 29 episode. “Yeah, I was really off put by the call out, that was not scripted or anything so I wasn’t bouncing and happy,” Cade revealed in an interview after the live show. “But, you know, it is a TV show and we love each other. But, you know…. good times!” The one bonus? Cade isn’t alone — because Gabby feels the exact same way.

“I didn’t know that was coming,” Gabby shared in an after show interview. “My face was redder than a tomato. That is why I had to cover it up, but we are really good friends and we will see what happens after the show.” However, Gabby also added that all of the finalists are lucky to share a very strong bond. “We are very fortunate this season to have these bonds,” Gabby explained. “Everybody is so close and it is not like I don’t like her or him or anything like that. Everybody wants everybody to win.”

Winning may be the focus on the show, but when the cameras aren’t rolling both Cade and Gabby like to spend their time playing music. “We play with each other all the time in our hotel rooms,” Cade shared. “We sing together, we sin different melodies together.” Hmm, how long until we get to watch Cade and Gabby duet on a live show?

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