When Kylie Jenner & Tyga first started dating, everyone was in an uproar. She was still very much an underage girl and he was well into his 20s. He even rapped about the crime — yes, pedophilia is a CRIME — in his song, “Pleazer,” remember? “T-Nasty ’bout to catch a felony for it // Vagina juice like orange juice in the mornin’.” (Please excuse us while we barf.)

So, needless to say, we were far from upset when the pair officially broke up in 2017. No child, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl or a non-binary human, should ever be with an adult. Period.

And yet, relationships like that still continue to happen — and the adults in them still try to justify the decision. Case in point, Ariadna Juarez, a YouTube beauty guru who’s now making headlines for dating a 13-year-old Instagram star. Since Ariadna is 18, fans, along with the rest of the public, started expressing their outrage, especially after people saw her posting pictures of them kissing, as well as snapshots of him shirtless… in bed!!!

Instagram (@arivdna)Apparently, the YouTube star addressed the situation in a video (which has since been taken down, along with the rest of her channel) called, “SPEAKING UP ABOUT OUR CONTROVERSIAL RELATIONSHIP.” She said:“I never thought people could be so hurtful, and society is so f*cked up that y’all don’t want people to be happy. I wish that since it’s 2018, people would be more open-minded and more accepting of happiness. But as we have found out in the past few days, that’s not how people are.”She continued:“It’s sad to know that we have to put our love aside just because people don’t want to see us together, and because people are ignorant. It’s sickening to see that people don’t want to see you happy without knowing anything about you.”Fortunately, it sounds like the relationship is over… for now:“It’s stupid to think that if I was one year younger or if he was one year older, it would make such a big difference, and people would be accepting of it. I can tell you, one year is not going to make a difference when you love somebody. You can love the same person today, tomorrow, next year or three years later. For that same reason, we decided we’re gonna wait and we are gonna try this again when everybody will be okay with it.”What she doesn’t seem to understand, though, is that people don’t want them together because it is WRONG. Instead, she thinks everyone’s blowing things out of proportion because they’re pseudo-famous:“Keep in mind the only reason this became such a big deal is because both me and him are very well known on social media. Obviously, if it was a couple that had no followers and nobody knew who they were, then nobody would care to even speak about it. But a lot of people that are posting this just to get clout out of it.”The even more disturbing thing here: Ariadna actually got the boy’s mother to sit down next to her for the video… and the mother defended both of them! WTF?!?!?!“It’s very upsetting for me to see them because I can see and I can tell how much they both love each other.”Would she have felt the same way if the roles were reversed? If it were her 13-year-old daughter with an 18-year-old man? ’cause we cannot fathom how any parent could support a relationship such as this one.Source: Read Full Article

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