Ariana Grande Knows She Will Never Get Over Mac Miller’s Death — Emotions Up & Down Ever Since

Ariana Grande has been doing her best to get through the difficult realization that her ex Mac Miller has passed away and she understands that she’ll always feel a sense of sadness no matter how much time goes by.

Ariana Grande, 25, has been taking time away from the spotlight to deal with the shocking death of her 26-year-old ex Mac Miller and even though she’s doing everything she can to take care of herself and heal, she’s realized she’ll never quite get over his passing. “Ariana is okay right now, she’s doing ‘okay’, that’s the best way to describe the situation,” a source close to Ariana EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “If you were to ask Ariana directly, how she’s doing, her answer would vary from hour to hour—because not surprisingly, given what she’s gone through, her emotions are up and down, but she’s dealing with things, gradually and slowly. It takes time to heal, to process trauma, and to come to terms with it, and that’s the best Ariana can hope for right now, to come to terms with things. Ariana knows she’s never going to ‘get over’ Mac’s death, she’s never going to be ‘over it’, but, she hopes, she will learn a way, with time, to live with it.”

One of the hardest parts about Mac’s death for Ariana is knowing she will never be able to reach out to him again. “Knowing she can never pick up the phone and speak to Mac again, is just devastating,” the source continued. “Knowing she will never bump into him, or see him again in person, is heartbreaking, but she’ll get through this, she’s strong and has a lot of people around her who love and care for her, and with good reason.”

Ariana and Mac split up back in May after being together for nearly two years and soon after, she started dating and became engaged to Pete Davidson. Their whirlwind of a relationship lasted up until last week and Ariana is now officially single again. Back on Sept. 7, Mac was found unresponsive in his home and died of an apparent overdose. Ever since the sad news made headlines, Ariana hasn’t been able to perform (she cancelled two planned performances) and she expressed her devastation in tribute posts to Mac on social media. The “Love Me Harder” singer also looked very somber while out for a stroll in NYC shortly after his death.

We continue to wish Ariana a lot of healing and comfort as she continues making her way through this tough time.

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