Forget friendship bracelets! Artist will create a temporary TATTOO of your best pal’s face to celebrate your bond (but it will set you back £50)

  • Etsy seller Lise Grossman creates bespoke temporary tattoos of your BFF
  • The hand drawn designs last for three days and cost £53 for ten tattoos 
  • Lise has been selling for ten years and has drawn over 8,300 portraits  

Friendship bracelets are somewhat demode these days, with a new trend seeing millenials wear their pal’s face as a sign of dedication.

A French artist has created a line of temporary tattoos featuring a portrait of your bosom buddy to wear as a sign of your Friendship.

The unique transfers are sold on Etsy by a seller Lise Grossman, known as lilimandrill of Brix, and they are proving popular among pals.

The designs, which range from £53 for ten to £246 for 300, are now almost completely sold out with the seller advertising just one pack remaining.

Illustrator Lise Grossman will turn a portrait of your best pal into a temporary tattoo for the price of £53 for ten 

The custom pieces are targeted at hen dos and as party favours and can have names and dates added for no additional cost.

Describing the product the seller writes: ‘No photoshop effect : real hands and real pencil!

‘You’ll get a unique, precise and delicate piece of art just for you and your guests.’

The black and white tattoos are said to last up to three days and are safe for the skin.

Customers are clearly delighted with the result with the seller receiving almost entirely five star reviews with shoppers describing the tattoos as the ‘best gift ever’. 

One wrote: ‘Such a unique and well-crafted gift. Everything about this is completely professional looking. Love it!’

Another added: ‘We absolutely love our custom made tattoos! The design process through email was super easy and we couldn’t be happier with the result’ 

The custom pieces are targeted at hen dos and as party favours and can have names and dates added for no additional cost

Illustrator Lise began her business in 2008 and has created more than 8,300 portraits to date.

As well as temporary tattoos Lise creates bespoke rubber stamps featuring couples’ and family faces on them as a unique gift. 

Describing her work in her shop description she writes:  ‘Drawing has always been a haven, a way of life.

‘When the question of my studies occured, I never thought I could do something else than an art school. 

‘I learn graphic design but when I came out of school and was on my own, I start this crazy plan to jump in the handmade world : design original objects and open a shop on Etsy to share them.

‘I need to stay away from my computer and photoshop to do things with my hands.’ 


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