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Asda has announced a big change to the layout in a selection of its stores. The retailer will become the first supermarket in the UK to offer an aisle dedicated to vegan food.

Supermarkets stock a range of products to cater for all dietary requirements.

While most items in a supermarket are grouped together, vegan foods are often scattered across different departments.

Asda has announced it will introduce aisles dedicated to stocking plant-based items.

This follows a huge increase in the demand for these products in the past year.

The supermarket giant reported that the interest in vegan products has risen by a staggering 275 percent over that period.

This was based on the number of searches for plant-based items on the Asda website.

Two bays will now be reserved for selling items from vegan suppliers.

“We understand that customers want a quick and simple shopping experience, and this shouldn’t be restricted by dietary requirements,” Asda buying manager Sarah Thornewill explained.

“By merchandising all our vegan items together, we hope to save customers time and offer inspiration, whether for those following a plant-based diet, or those looking to reduce their meat consumption.”

The retailer will also increase its range by bringing out a further 104 products to fill the shelves.

These include new Asda branded meals as well as Galaxy chocolates and products from Bosh.

The dedicated aisles began appearing in stores last week and will roll out to 359 locations.

Fans of the supermarket have taken to Twitter to praise the move.

One shopper wrote: “Brilliant idea! No more need to wander about wondering where things might be.

“Thank you @asda – fingers crossed other supermarkets will follow.”

“I think it’s great Asda are putting vegan aisles in their supermarkets. It’s the right thing to do,” another commented.

“Thank you @asda for the forthcoming #vegan #plantbased aisle,” a third said.

“I’m not vegan but this makes life easier for us vegetarians too.”

The range will aim to cater for those who follow a plant-based diet or are just trying to cut back on their meat consumption.

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