Astrologer reveals what to expect in 2023

What does 2023 look like for your star sign? Astrologer reveals her predictions for the year ahead – and it’s the perfect time to reassess your life direction, relationships and job

  •  Rose Smith has revealed her forecasts for the year ahead, and it is good news
  •  There will be four solar and lunar eclipses throughout the year making it erratic 
  • There will be a push toward humanitarianism and away from toxic leaders 

Intuitive astrologer Rose Smith reveals what 2023 has in store for you

The year ahead will see a huge surge in spirituality, compassion and humanitarianism, according to astrologers who claim ‘big businesses’ have had their run.

Intuitive astrologer Rose Smith told FEMAIL there would be less demand for materialism in 2023.

She said there is also a great sense of moving forward, despite lazy or dishonest leaders trying their best to intervene.

‘It’s important to remember that all things change, and nothing lasts forever, so it’s a great year for reassessing the direction of your life and your relationships and perhaps a change in jobs,’ she said.

The year will start slow but become very positive in March, when Pluto enters Aquarius and Saturn enters Pisces, she explained.

‘Pluto in Aquarius is likely to affect you in a multiplicity of different ways up until 2044,’ she said.


Your ruler Mars starts the year retrograde but from January 12th, more vitality is coming your way. 

This year also offers you a healing gift when Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in your sign late February and early March. This is likely to particularly affect your appearance, identity and how you approach life! You’ll likely have more confidence to make your statement to the world.  It’s time to find your voice and be your original authentic self. 

A solar eclipse in your sign on April 20th also supports your new voice and the way you present yourself to the world. 

In 2023, your finances, possessions and the things that you value are also likely to grow as Jupiter blesses your 2nd house.


Your ruler Venus is in Leo midyear bringing a lot of affection into your life until it goes retrograde from July 22nd to September 3rd, quietening things down a bit. 

Venus is also in your home and family zone so love or passion might visit or alternatively you spend lots of money on home and family. Do be careful not to overspend, however. 

Jupiter and Chiron have a meeting in your 12th house of the Divine, bringing up unconscious contents for healing in late February through to early March. 

Jupiter will then burst forth into a new cycle amplifying the energies of your voice into the world, your appearance and your identity. 

Do watch for weight gain from May 16th right through until May 25th, 2024.


Your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde four times during 2023. While this is not unusual, it does place extra emphasis on you to be careful with your communications during these times. 

It is possible misunderstandings or miscommunications could result, so put everything important in writing. Jupiter conjunct Chiron late February and early March might bring a healing of sorts regarding your friends, groups and connections. 

So, if there’s been a falling out or some unspoken issue, this could be possibly resolved. 

Jupiter will then enter your house of the divine, and you could become more aware of what is going on deep within your unconscious and it could be a very spiritual time for you.


You start the year off with the ‘Eagle Eye pattern’ of intuition and deep insight into matters of intimacy and shared resources. 

There may have been some restrictive factor that has been a source of concern, however now your mind is in the process of pinpointing a solution.  It’s likely you see things underneath more clearly now. 

You are ruled by the Moon and will be strongly affected by the four eclipses this year. 

April 20th sees a solar eclipse bringing new beginnings around your career or reputation. Perhaps a relationship with a parent is rejuvenated some way too. 

May 6th brings a lunar eclipse in Scorpio dredging up very compelling feelings around romance, creative and leisure or pleasure. 

October 14th sees a new cycle around home and family while October 28th has a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in your house of friends, groups and connections which could cause some turbulence.


Prior to mid-May your life can expand spiritually and physically with spontaneity and energy. 

You may contemplate studying, overseas travel or personal growth work. It could be quite an exciting and mind-blowing time for you! 

After mid-May your career or a relationship with a parent also gets a shakeup and expands in surprising and unusual ways, perhaps involving technology or science. 

The North node is directing events in your career which are part of your destiny, so go with the flow of what feels intuitively right for you. 

Your intuition is firing strongly especially regarding significant relationships and partnerships.


There’s an opportunity for improving a situation involving joint resources such as taxes, real estate or other investments. 

From mid-May Jupiter enters Taurus enabling you to manifest in the physical realms such things as study, overseas travel and spirituality. 

Yes, that’s right somehow you can bring heaven down to earth! There’s also a ton of planetary energy in your romance and creative zone, true intimacy could also be on your mind. 

You’ll probably be gadding about town meeting lots of different people enjoying leisure and pleasure! 

The lunar eclipse May 6th in your sign is impactful and urges you towards being more authentic. Your appearance or identity might change, or you develop a more ‘magnetic’ aura.


2023 brings some sort of healing regarding your committed relationships such as business partnerships, marriages or significant others. 

Previously, you may have suffered a spiritual wound in an important relationship but when Jupiter catches up to Chiron February 24th to March 5th the situation can resolve enabling you to feel like your real self once again.

Also, Pluto moves into your important relationship zone bringing issues around death, birth and rebirth so you may find a significant connection that died a long time ago, comes back onto the scene from March 23rd to June 11th or perhaps after January 31st, 2024.

Pay special attention to what happens mid-year because this is a ‘taster’ for 2024 right through to 2044.


If you’ve been having health or work problems there could be an improvement end of February to early March. 

Then after mid-May, your focus is on important relationships and partnerships, either business or personal.

There’s heaps going on here and some of which could be quite surprising and fated. Destiny is taking a hand in your relationship zone and October 28th, there’s a shake up here to get you on track. 

Your ruler Pluto is changing signs into Aquarius March 23rd to June 11th, and this is a sample of what is to come in 2024. 

You could find yourself feeling a little more detached, which could be a real blessing for you rather than feeling so intensely. A glimpse of the big picture makes your life begin to make more sense.


Your creativity, romance and pleasure zone is activated and there’s a lot going on in your personal and private life. 

Following some possible turbulence, a healing takes place so that you feel more confident about being creative or getting involved romantically. 

Jupiter blesses your work and/or health after mid-May. You could also expand your habits or routine to improve your health, which could mean such things as a new diet or exercise program. 

Pluto in Aquarius affects your communication and ideas zone suggesting it’s possible that someone or something from the past comes back eliciting very intense emotions. 

A Phoenix from the past will be reborn and could also involve relatives, neighbours or people nearby.


After a slow start to the year, life gradually ramps up with a lot of planetary energy influencing you to make changes in your appearance or identity. 

Your home and/or family is blessed with the resolution of a problem end February or in early March. 

Your north node and Jupiter indicate a fateful set of circumstances which expands your romantic life or perhaps your creativity. You may also have more to do with children or your inner child want to come out and play.

Pluto in Aquarius in your money zone could bring back an earlier way of making money or perhaps you realise that you deserve more. 

An earlier life episode may have caused you to temporarily forget your true worth and deservability, but this will be rectified.


2023 starts off with quite a spiritual vibe for you. You could be very much in touch with your inner landscapes through dreams and little spiritual flashes throughout the daytime. 

There’s some kind of expansion around your home or perhaps your family could grow. You may consider renovations, adding another space to your home. 

The beginning of the year also sees unusual or unpredictable circumstances in these areas of your life as well. Venus blesses committed relationships. 

There could be some sweet affection or warmth before Venus goes retrograde July 22nd – September 3rd. 

It could be that everyone gets busy or has their minds on other things, so business or personal relationships go a bit quieter for this time period.


The year begins slowly ramping up over January with socialising and events with friends and groups. 

When Pluto enters Aquarius from March to June, you will probably receive a lot of spiritual information and you could even receive impressions from past lives or from ancestors long gone. 

Write everything down because this time period is a little sample of what is to come from 2024 right through to 2044. 

Your destiny is tied up with communications and ideas, some of which may involve distant relatives, neighbours or people from your local area. You may also consider study as your mind is particularly sharp and looking for deeper truths. 

The shallow end of the pool does not appeal to you now, so go deeper in all things.

Source: Rose Smith

‘We will see energetic shifts towards technology, humanitarianism and cognitive ability. Intellectualism and science begin to regain their rightful places in society.

‘Genuine people power also becomes more important in governments and corporations. Equal representation for all takes on new meaning and is strengthened over the coming decades. It will be a true manifestation of Power to the People.’

 There will also be huge opportunities for personal growth.

‘We start 2023 with Mercury, Mars and Uranus all retrograde and turning direct in January which will then give us all a big surge forward in communications, energy, technological advances and perhaps even rebellion!’ she said.

‘We have a number of other significant events such as Jupiter changing signs to Aries and Taurus, and Saturn moving into Aquarius and Pisces. In fact, there are five planets changing signs virtually ensuring a year of constant and humongous change.’

Your 2023 outlook according to Janelle Palibrk: 



You are going to feel the sluggish effects of Mars Retrograde at the beginning of this year, don’t let it dampen your spirits and high energy. You will feel back to your usual self soon, this is a strong year for you and if you are positive in situations and focus on the work you will achieve great things.

Career and Finance: The beginning of the year will be slightly confusing for you career wise, but with a good attitude and hard work you will come out on top, you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

Start thinking about investing your money into high return environments as you will see your biggest yield form these.

Relationships: I don’t like to say ‘don’t trust your friends’ but be careful what you say to people at the beginning of the year. Your words could be misinterpreted and used against you. 

You will find smoother sailing as the year progresses in your friendships and romantic endeavours.

Health: Your health is going to be off track until August, finding things that calm your mind will work wonders for your overall health.

Best Months: September and October.


You are going to experience a lot of change this year, which is very exciting for you because you normally don’t do well with change. Your inner travel bug will start to run throughout your body, and you will feel called to jet away on a new adventure.

Career and Finance: The start of the year will begin well for you, during the middle of the year you might see some financial stress arise but with hard work, dedication, and a good budget you will come out on top of your financial goals. 

Keep an eye on your finances throughout the year don’t let them slip, career is looking very positive, and you’ll surprise and delight yourself in this area.

Relationships: The first half of the year is looking great for you in all areas especially romance and sex. In the second half you might experience a slight shift and a breakdown of communication.

Health: Your health will be fine in the first half, but you might see a decline in the second half of the year.

Best Months: February and October


You’ve spent a lot of time healing your inner self, mind, and body. Some healing you might not even be aware of.

But as you start to venture out you will realise how much you missed your friends and family and how much of an impact you had on them all. You are going to reconnect with old friends and find comfort in those relationships.

Career and Finance: You are going to have a really good year, luck will be in your favour, finances will improve, and work will feel really aligned to who you are. You won’t see many large financial hardships but just keep an eye on your goals.

Relationships: As old flames rekindle and new sparks fly you will be spoilt for choice in the romance department, with a focus on family you will find love in the most uncommon places, if you are in a relationship you’ll connect deeper with your partner.

Health: Again, this year is a good one for you, you might have some health hiccups at the start of the year but, generally speaking, there is nothing large that will arise. Small issues might linger.

Best months: February, March, April, and November


This year is all about your work and career. Your career is going to be on the rise, it’s time your hard work and dedication is rewarded – with more hard work and dedication. Be sure to find time for your family, because the harder you work and the more successful you are the more work will eat into your life.

Career and Finance: Such a great year for you, you will find financial gains and receive promotions. You might encounter a few bumps in the road but a positive and quick to action attitude will dissolve them.

Relationships: Your busy workload can take a toll on any relationships in your life if you do not put in the work. Be sure to prioritise those you love and be kind to them.

Health: With so much happening you might forget to get check-ups, these are important don’t miss them.

Best months: November and December


Changes are coming in all aspects of your life, don’t be afraid of them even if you didn’t picture your life turning out this way. Lean into the different approach and you’ll be rewarded.

Career and Finance: You’ll receive numerous opportunities this year and completely wipe the competition out of the water, be sure not to bite the hand that feeds you or insult your boss. Do not invest after October.

Relationships: Romance will spice up or return in the second half of the year, your relationship with family members will also get better as the year goes on. The first half of the year will be dry with romance but might include some casual sex, nothing mind blowing.

Health: Start to take an active approach to your health or you might face issues.

Best months: June and December.


This year is all about setting boundaries to ensure what you give to others is what you receive back. Your love life will be in full swing, and you will experience deep connections.

Career and Finance: You will experience some financial hardship this year, keep on top of your budget and do not overspend. You might see an inheritance or large sum of money drop into your account towards the end of the year.

Relationships: When creating boundaries, you will have some relationships impacted, the ones who take from you and give nothing in return will push back and be offended. Assess what you want in your life and don’t settle for less.

Health: Health of others is going to be a concern, be calm and don’t let it eat you alive.

Best months: February and March


You are going to be surrounded by more love than ever before, and this is a comforting feeling. Be cautious of who you allow into your life as not everyone will want to be in it for the love you give. Set boundaries and ensure you stick to them. You’ll be feeling so ignited by this thriving social life that the small things this year won’t matter as much.

Career and finance: You will be faced with lots of decisions this year for your career and finance and not one choice you make will negatively affect your situation, besides no choice at all. Be sure to act swiftly and take control.

Relationships: Your relationships are going to be full of laughter and delight, if you are with a partner, you’ll find more romance than ever and if you are single, you will enjoy the little commitment you need for your lovers.

Health: You will see a shift in your mindset and start to take your health more seriously.

Best months: November and December.


You will have a rough start to 2023, feeling a shift in your routine will have an impact on your personal life, you might feel moodier than normal and take out your frustration on others. Speak up in situations where you don’t have much power but don’t take too much control.

Career and finance: You will achieve great success via your own efforts, you will be rewarded and recognised for these efforts.

Relationships: Be careful in the second half of the year and try not to upset your family members. You will enjoy good relationships this year, not life changing or mind-blowing ones, just good ones.

Health: You might feel anxious, and sleep deprived but relax and stay calm, you will enjoy good general health this year.

Best months: October and November


Doubt is going to be your biggest obstacle this year. You have so much you can achieve but you always put doubt into your own mind. This is the year to break down your own walls and ignite your creative flair. Think optimistically and action what you’ve been dreaming of if you don’t do it this year you might never. Fortune favours the brave.

Career and Finance: You will find great success in your career this year if you follow your gut. Be careful not to overspend once you are feeling confident and aligned.

Relationships: You will have really great relationships with your friends and build on old friendships more. You will set your boundaries with lovers, and it will take you on a path to your soulmate.

Health: Ulcers are going to wreak havoc on your health but act upon them fast and focus on eating healthy and exercising.

Best months: May to October


It’s time to connect with your inner self, ignite a passion for life again. On the outside you’ve got it made, success is coming in strong and financially you are stable. 

But are you happy? Look inside to find out what you are missing and needing this year and focus your energy on healing your inner child. Remember how special life felt before you became overly responsible and ultimately afraid.

Career and finance: Don’t do anything severe to your career or income this year, focus that energy back into yourself. You will be rewarded financially for finding your spark.

Relationships: You will have a great time with friends and siblings as you bring your spark back but be careful what you say as sometimes your words can sting.

Health: Health will be average, be sure to go to regular check-ups, sleep extra when you need it and focus on eating healthy and looking after yourself.

Best months: November and December


There will be no more hiding for you, you will be able to set yourself free and allow who you are on the inside to shine brightly on the outside. 

You might run into a few small bumps in the road from overly controlling people not happy with your newfound lifestyle change. But are they worth changing your happiness for?

Career and Finance: The start of the year fares well for you financially. Don’t let it get to your head though. Be sure to have savings goals and budgets. The end of the year sees some financial hardship arising

Relationships: You’ll enjoy great relationships at the start of the year but see some bumps in the road in the middle of the year only to smooth out at the end.

Health: Your eyes will cause issues this year.

Best months: May and September


This year is all about coming back down to earth and grounding your energy. You’ll set yourself up for the future by creating some boundaries and saying no to trips and events. You’ll feel the most in control of your life than ever before and truly relish in that aspect.

Career and Finance: You’ll do well in your career, there is nothing exciting happening as you focus your energy on grounding, you’ll push that creative spark to the back burner for now.

Financially you’ll struggle at the end of the year from a little budget burnout and start to splurge. Don’t waste your hard work.

Relationships: You’ll feel a bit exhausted from your relationships at the beginning of the year but spending time alone will change things and reignite passions towards the end of the year.

Health: Health might require attention for the whole year, insomnia is going to play a part in this. Try holistic alternatives.

Best months: May and September 

‘In 2023 the most important key life skills will be the ability to be flexible and to recognise opportunities as they come. We can make space for life changes by saying goodbye to our losses and prepare for new beginnings.’

There are also four lunar and solar eclipses – so energy will be erratic.

‘An eclipse magnifies energy like a Supermoon on caffeine, it rouses you to alertness.’

‘It forces us to wake up, go down a path and act at some point. Eclipses can shake us turbulently to the core in order to effect change. With lunar eclipses in emotional Scorpio and practical Taurus, there’s bound to be a lot of deeply held emotions and practicalities (such as money) to consider. In Air and Fire, we’re likely to change our minds or take spontaneous action, perhaps impulsively,’ she said.

 Janelle Pallibrk also offered up her insights for they year – noting huge changes at work for some signs and in love for others.    

What other predictions does Rose have for 2023? 


It’s been a tumultuous few years for the Royals, and Rose predicts tough times are set to continue for some members. 

She sees King Charles becoming quite unwell and physically weak early in his reign – foreseeing major gut problems for the monarch, consequently, he needs to watch his diet. 

She also sees his power over the monarchy decreasing as his physical strength wanes, so King Charles will likely have a short reign before handing over the keys to Prince William.

Rose also believes there will be a reconciliation between Prince Harry and the Royal family – but not soon. And the new fiery Netflix documentary could be indicative of that delay.

She believes Harry and Meaghan will have a third child in the next few years. 

She also feels the energy around them growing stronger despite unrelenting bad press and predicts a lot of growth and development for the couple –  Rose sees green around them which can often mean money.

‘Harry is actually very stable and knows his own mind… At 38 years of age, he’s barely started his upward trajectory! Mid life Harry will be powering ahead and is destined to lead others. He will be a formidable leader in time,’ she said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Rose sees him on track for having a baby. (A baby can also mean a ‘rebirth’ of some kind). Rose predicts a life-changing happy event affecting his relationship with partner Jodie Haydon. ‘Whether or not this is an actual physical baby, time will tell, but it’s looking good for this couple,’ she said.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison

 Mr Morrison has copped a barrage of criticism of late, and Rose sees ‘dishwashing water’ surrounding him – perhaps more of a signal he needs to ‘clean up his act or go down the gurgler’. 

Eventually, he will be spending more time overseas, the US is most likely, and he could eventually move there for a time.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers

Watch out! He could one day be our PM, according to Rose. However, her flashes around Mr Chalmers related to cleaning up money laundering, with a lot of money shifting between countries – her vision involved money ‘flying out of Australia in suitcases’. 

She sees home prices declining further in Australia with more interest rate rises. Home values will however increase again later in 2023.

Elon Musk

Rose forecasts more trouble for the billionaire and Twitter, predicting his enemies will ‘have their way’ with him.

She also sees Mr Musk and famous Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Petersen doing something together, moving around ‘very quickly and recklessly’. 

Elon Musk is positioning himself now for political moves later.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Rose believes he will become more authoritarian, and she sees ordinary people becoming like police – enabling them to ‘dob in neighbours and family’. 

She had a vision whereby ordinary people were carrying ‘police cards’ in their wallets and clothes, signifying they had the power and authority of police to make arrests and detain people.

US Politics

Rose received multiple flashes of the face of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, perhaps signalling he run for US president in 2024. 

‘Whichever way it goes, we will certainly be hearing a lot more about DeSantis… he’s not going away much to the chagrin of Donald Trump,’ she said.

Ukraine War

Rose predicts it will not end until 2024.

Weather events

Rose expects more flooding across Australia and rising sea levels globally. 

She received a flash that Richmond in Sydney would go under in floods again.

She sees drinking water shortages in India but flooding at the same time.

‘Simultaneous flooding and fires are also possible in other countries such as the US, underlining the societal contradictions and oppositions in those countries,’ she said. 

‘In Rome, the Colosseum will suffer major cracks, and this may be symbolic or literal. As Rome represents the foundation of democracy, we can expect similar cracks in our modern democracies today, but they can be bolstered and saved so new legislation will need to be passed to do this.’ 

She said: ‘I see the Colosseum with scaffolding, so it is likely to be saved.’

Economic outlook

Australia will see a lot of economic change, according to Rose, with the Federal Government working on innovative changes in the background. 

She says things could get worse before they get better. Rose sees a white flag on top of Sydney Harbour bridge – signaling some sort of surrender, which she thinks is government-related.

Gold Coast

Rose says there will be more development allowed on the southern Gold Coast, particularly Palm Beach where she saw more than a dozen cranes in ‘spirit’. 

Mayor Tom Tate will be working on a life changing project, or someone close has a baby as she received a vision of him holding a newborn child. 

The Gold Coast could experience an earthquake or tremor as Rose could see undulating tremors in the ground moving from south to north. This could also be related to pile driving for large skyscrapers or more likely, large influxes of people moving north from NSW. 

She also sees the property market being awash with homes for sale, and happy sellers. However, canal owners are worried about rising sea waters. A major Gold Coast developer or builder goes broke. 

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