No pun intended? Social media users point out hilarious design fails – from accidentally awkward imagery to some VERY rude signs

  • Amused Bored Panda users went online to share the most hilarious design fails 
  • Skier pointed out sign asking for tickets and passes missing a crucial ‘p’ 
  • Birthday balloons spelled out rude word when viewed in the wrong direction

All it takes is one ill-thought through phrase or stray typo to completely change  the meaning of a message. 

As the people behind these unintentionally hilarious signs shared on Bored Panda will have discovered.   

One amused worker revealed how their manager’s attempt at putting ‘inspirational’ quotes on the wall went very wrong, when the placement of his ‘you matter’ and ‘don’t give up’ notes merged into ‘you don’t matter give up’.

Meanwhile, a skier pointed out that the pole holding up a sign warning people to have ‘tickets or passes ready’ obscured a crucial letter ‘p’.  

Meanwhile a skier was confused when he stumbled across a sign on a deserted mountain, reading: ‘Please have ticket or pass ready’.

The signs feature among an array of design fails in the online gallery – including a marble-effect toilet seat that looked far less luxe than its creator likely anticipated. 

Scroll down for some of the best blunders below…  

One worker revealed their manager’s attempt at putting inspirational quotes on the wall had gone wrong when ‘you matter’ and ‘don’t give up’ notes merged into ‘you don’t matter give up’

A skier was confused when he stumbled across a sign on a deserted mountain, reading: ‘Please have ticket or pass ready’

A blip on the system meant there was a third rather unwelcome answer to this straightforward question

A road warning sign appeared at first glance to tell would-be parents not to exceed 20 children 

No wonder he has such a broad grin! The man on this advert certainly had something to smile about with the placing of exhaust pipe

Going googly eyed! A strangely placed picture meant this woman’s eyes were weirdly skewed on a city bus

Elsewhere someone’s birthday balloons spelled out a rather rude word when they were blown in the wrong direction

A tourist sign mistakenly shared a rather rude message when they left out the ‘u’ in annually, making for quite the amusing sign

A sliding door company made a rather simple design fail when their logo was plastered across a non-sliding door

‘Turn me on yourself’: This innocent direction manual for a teddy bear ended up looking rather rude

A slight giveaway? This spelling quiz was somewhat ruined by the correct spelling being mentioned in the question

Amused workers noticed this rather rude emoji was used for a ‘bad cough’ advertisement in the office

One user shared this online, questioning why the brother and sisters in this family tree quiz appeared to have children

A hilarious advert for glasses made for a rather rude sign when the wrong three letters came into focus

This innocent family portrait was ruined by two awkwardly placed candles, making for a hilarious picture

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s an arctic fox! An awkwardly stitched cuddly toy turned into the stuff of nightmares

This marbled toilet lid looked less than inviting due to its off-yellow colour giving it a rather shabby appearance

A very strange toilet made for a throne like ascent for those wishing to use this quirky bathroom

Keeping cool comes at a price! A badly-placed fan meant a rather unsightly hole had to be cut into the wall 

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