ASMR is totally having a moment right now. Everyone is doing it, including your favorite YouTubers like Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star. You’ve probably seen the whispering-videos before, but what exactly is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which is basically a fancy way of saying certain visual and auditory triggers make your head and body feel tingly. It’s super relaxing, which is why people use it to calm down, curb anxiety and even help insomnia. If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night, or you just want to feel more zen, check out these 10 tingle-inducing ASMR YouTube channels that are basically guaranteed to put you in a trance.

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR is the OG of ASMR on YouTube. She started her channel all the way back in 2011, before most people had ever even heard of the term. Her soft-spoken voice and gentle movements have led her to gain over 1.4 million subscribers, which makes her the second-biggest ASMR channel on YouTube at the moment.


Gibi ASMR always puts a fun twist on her videos. Her 1.2+ million subscribers know her best for her character roleplays, where she’s played everyone from Linda from Bob’s Burgers to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It’s an interesting twist on normal whispers, not gonna lie.


If you hate whispering and prefer just sounds, you’ll love ASMRSurge. His no-talking videos feature a variety of interesting objects and sounds, and his production quality is unmatched. So, if you couldn’t get into listening to whispers, you might want to try this channel out before you write off ASMR for good.

Lily Whispers ASMR

Lily Whispers ASMR made a name for herself in the ASMR community by doing “b*tchy” makeup application videos. They’re equal parts hilarious and relaxing, but don’t worry — she plays plenty of kind characters, too.


ASMR Glow‘s videos are out of this world — literally. The French beauty loves to play characters from alternate universes, and it’s truly hypnotizing to watch (and listen!!) to her work.

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR brings a unique perspective to her 347K subscribers. Her videos, which include skits such as “Chinese Herbal Shop” and “Chinese Princess,” showcase her Chinese heritage. Not only are the different characters super informative, but they’re also relaxing AF!

Life with MaK

Life with MaK might be young, but she’s already an ASMR icon. A video of her eating honeycomb blew up on Twitter recently, and everybody quickly became obsessed with her sass. She now has almost 500,000 loyal subscribers who tune in to see her eat a variety of delicious foods weekly.

Obviously ASMR

If you’re looking for a handsome young man to lull you to sleep, Obviously ASMR is your guy. The Dutch cutie has a gentle and relaxed demeanor, but he always adds a little bit of deadpan humor into his videos to give you a little chuckle before you nod off.


Itsblitzzz is a relative newcomer to the ASMR scene, but she’s already killing it! Her personal-attention videos, which often feature face, scalp and body massages, will have you feeling sleepy in minutes. And we are so jealous of those lucky models!

Tingle Fix ASMR

What’s better than a makeup haul? An ASMR-style makeup haul! And on Tingle Fix ASMR‘s channel, there’s plenty of them. The beauty lover has a knack for making beauty products sound extra pleasing, and we can’t get enough!

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