Brad Pitt put up some big money for the chance to view a Game of Thrones episode with Emilia Clarke at a charity auction last Saturday.

January 6th was the 7th Annual Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Which is quite a mouthful so we’ll shorten it to Sean Penn’s annual celebrity charity to help Haiti, a country always in need of some help, whether it be from natural disaster, poor governance, or global warming.

Even though the topic is certainly serious, the charity tends to be a gathering of Hollywood’s elite for a night of fun at a silent auction. All the big names were there, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well one of the biggest names of all: Brad Pitt.

One of the items up for grabs at the silent auction was watching a Game of Thrones episode with actress Emilia Clarke – and just in case you’re a heathen and don’t actually read the end credits of each episode, she plays Daenerys Targaryen in the show.

Apparently, Pitt is a big fan of the show (who isn’t?), and although bidding started at a modest $20,000 it quickly shot up to $80,000 all thanks to Pitt. Clarke herself was in the audience and giggled hysterically at the prospect of spending a few hours with Pitt while watching her show.

Pitt was either drunk or not paying attention since even though he held the top bid for a time he then outbid himself and brought it up to $90,000. Then Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, came back from the bathroom and cajoled Pitt into upping his bid to $120,000.

“Just because it’s Brad Pitt doesn’t mean that you can’t bid against him,” shouted the auctioneer, which then brought the bidding north of $150,000 and beyond Pitt’s reach. Well, probably not his reach, but certainly his desire as that’s when he stopped bidding. The prize ultimately went to a husband and wife who were way more into Game of Thrones for $160,000.

All in all, the night raised $4 million for Haiti.

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