A courageous one-year-old who inspired people across his area, while battling a rare cancer, has died.

Jaxon Conway had been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of soft tissue tumour, in his cheek earlier this year.

The toddler was named an Inspiring Youngster at the Grimsby Telegraph's  Heart of Your Community Awards last month after undergoing chemotherapy at Sheffield Children's Hospital and pioneering proton beam therapy in Germany.

Jaxon's mum, Carrie Conway, of Immingham, said although he spent much of this year undergoing treatment, he never lost his bright personality.

She said: "He was great, even from being a baby. He was always on the go, energetic and funny and he was very cheeky. He was always terrorising the corridors at Sheffield.

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"But he was always happy.  Even when he was ill, you could forget that he was ill at times because of how happy he was.

"He liked being outside, he loved the beach. When he started chemotherapy he had to stop going to soft play areas because of the risk of illness from other kids, so we started going out for walks instead.

"He liked going for walks, going to the beach and when he was in his electric car.

"When he came back from Germany, he really matured and went from a baby to a little boy. He used to love Peppa Pig and would clap when it came on, the same with Tipping Point and The Chase.

"He always used to clap when the coins fell on Tipping Point, because he knew that they had won something.

"He started playing with you, too, so he'd build towers with you before knocking them down. He had a good life right to the end, his illness didn’t stop him."

Jaxon's treatment started in March with scheduled chemotherapy in Sheffield, before he was taken to Essen in Germany in August after family, friends and local businesses raised thousands of pounds to help.

But it was later found that the cancer had spread to Jaxon's other cheek.

Jaxon received more radiation in an attempt to treat the tumours but scans showed the cancer was spreading around his head and he tragically died on Wednesday, November 27.

Kyle said: "We made sure he had all of the medication he needed for his pain and anxiety, so thankfully, he was calm and wasn't in pain.

"The nurse told Carrie to pick him up and hold him and he stopped breathing a couple of minutes later. He passed away in Carrie's arms while we were hugging him."

Carrie and Kyle wanted to thank the staff at Sheffield Children's Hospital for the help and support they got during the time they spent there.

Carrie said: "We could not fault our time at Sheffield, all the doctors and nurses loved Jaxon. He went there from when he was young, he basically learned to walk there.

"When he was on the ward, the nurses from other wards would come see him after their shift had ended. That was just the effect that Jaxon had on people."

Kyle added: "We just want to say thank you to the community for all of their nice words and help they have given us over the past few months.

"Also thank you to Brand Energy and my work colleagues, I really appreciate all of the support you have given to us."

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