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When someone asks what your favorite ______ is, it’s always a hard question. Favorite movie? Song? Band? TV show? Celebrity? It’s almost impossible to choose! That’s how the “You Can’t Rank Them” meme started on Twitter, and it’s quickly spreading like wildfire.

When we love something so much, it’s hard to pick a favorite part within that. But, as much as we say we can’t choose just one, let’s be real — there’s always something that comes to mind first. Whether it’s a Disney Princess, a 5 Seconds of Summer song or a Parks and Rec character, these people have picked their definitive fave. Keep scrolling to see if you agree!

Find the lie!



They’re all good, but…


A total bop!

That’s about right.

*cries just thinking about it*


Bold choice!

Those little legs!!



The king himself.

Don’t @ us.

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